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MoonPay Has Dismissed Dozens of Staff, While Denying Those Cuts Are Layoffs

MoonPay, a cryptocurrency payment infrastructure provider, has clarified that some of its staff are leaving the company voluntarily and that there are no layoffs. The article notes that the clarification comes after rumors circulated on social media that the company was experiencing financial difficulties and was being forced to lay off staff.

Warner Music Group Announces Layoffs to Prioritize Web3 and AI initiatives

Warner Music Group, the record label behind major music artists like Cardi B and Ed Sheeran, has announced a company-wide layoff of about 4% of its global workforce, or 270 employees. However, all employees working in the company’s Web3 and AI-related initiatives will be retained.

Copper to Make Up to 15% of Staff Redundant, Focus on Custody, Settlement

Cryptocurrency custody provider Copper said up to 15% of its staff face redundancy as the firm streamlines its business amid tough market conditions affecting the crypto industry.

XanPool Axes Staff Amid Market Turmoil, Shuts Offices in Singapore, Malaysia

XanPool, a crypto payments platform that raised US$41 million in funding last year, told Tech in Asia that it has laid off "just under 40 people."

Crypto Evening Briefing: Crypto-Friendly Signature Bank Probed by U.S. DOJ Before Its Collapse

Signature Bank was reportedly the subject of a probe by the United States Department of Justice earlier this week.

Bitstamp Reduced Its Headcount by 30%

Just like crypto companies including Coinbase, Polygon and Protocol Labs, Bitstamp is hunkering down amid mounting regulation and wobbly markets. It recently reduced its headcount by 30%, from around 650 in September to 450 in February.

Crypto Layoffs Eased Up In February Compared To The Start Of The Year

February has come to an end, and although digital asset prices are swaying in the doldrums, the industry still notched small wins. Recent data shows that during the last month, only 570 employees of virtual currency firms lost their jobs.

Crypto Layoffs Decelerate, with Layoffs Falling to 570 in February

Crypto industry layoffs appear to have slowed down significantly over the past month with an estimated 570 crypto employees dismissed in February, down from an estimated 2,850 in January. Cointelegraph compiled the figures based on publicly reported layoffs and found job cuts were spread across at least 12 companies over the 28-day period, but noticeably lacked the triple-digit crypto exchange layoffs compiled in January, such as those from Coinbase, and Huobi. Instead, staff cuts came in the double-digits for the most part — impacting blockchain analytics firms, blockchain and software development firms, and digital asset platforms among others. (Cointelegraph)

100 Polygon Staffs Laid Off As MATIC Plunges 15%

Polygon announced on Tuesday that it would be cutting down 20% of its workforce as part of efforts towards unifying its diversified businesses under one unit. The news prompted a 6.5% drop in the trading price of its layer-two token, $MATIC, down to $1.29.

Dapper Labs Axes Another 20% of its Staff as Crypto Layoffs Continue

On Feb. 23, Dapper Labs CEO Roham Gharegozlou sent a letter to the team announcing a “corporate restructure” and the layoffs.