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How to Secure NFTs: Part One

Even with all their promise and potential, it is still important that the community and projects be aware of the risks that are associated with working with NFTs.

Record Losses From DeFi Hacks In 2022

A security firm summarizes losses from hacks and fraud in 2022: Fraud declines, but DeFi hacks reach all-time high. Experts expect this to continue in 2023.

U.S. DOJ Launches Probe into FTX’s Alleged $372 Million Hack

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has launched an investigation to unravel the mystery behind the $372 million FTX hack after the crypto exchange filed for bankruptcy last month.

The Different Kinds of Hackers

Hacking gets pretty interesting because it’s not all code-cracking and plundering. There is a range of categories that hackers fall into. The category, defined as the “hat” the hacker wears, all depends on what their intention is and whether the methods are illegal or not.

2022 Solana Exploits Overview: 11 Significant Attacks, $523 Million Lost

Solana, a public blockchain platform, has suffered 11 significant attacks over the last year resulting in a total loss of ~$523 million.

Why Do Crypto Companies Keep Getting Hacked?

Such crimes may involve substantial sums of money, but they seldom get the same media attention as armed burglaries. However, bitcoin specialists advise against getting in too deep: Criminals see markets as very profitable new targets.

Privacy Affairs Report: Cryptocurrency Scams in 2022 – Statistics & Trends

From January to November 2022, hackers stole $4.3 billion worth of cryptocurrency. This accounts for a 37% increase from 2021 during the same period.