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Cross-Chain Bridge Stargate's Volume Soars as Airdrop Hunters Set Sights on LayerZero Token

Investors are using the Stargate cross-chain bridge to meet criteria for a rumored LayerZero airdrop, leading to a 30% surge in volume in the past 24 hours. Stargate, which acts as a gateway to LayerZero, has seen a significant uptick in activity over the past five weeks, announcing that it surpassed $1 billion in monthly volume for the first time earlier this month. While LayerZero has not announced that it will release a token, its code on Gitbook mentions "ZRO token holder," suggesting that a native token is set to be issued. High-profile airdrops in the past 12 months have yielded significant returns for minimal effort, making them an attractive proposition for investors.

What Are Common Bridge Security Vulnerabilities?

Some common bridge security vulnerabilities include weak on-chain and off-chain validation, improper handling of native tokens, and misconfigurations. Testing the bridge against all possible attack vectors is recommended to ensure sound verification logic.

Critical Infrastructure: Secure Engineering of Blockchain Bridges

Bridges are designed to connect blockchains, facilitating the transfer of information and tokens between them.

USDC is Bypassing Cross-Chain Bridges

Circle has created a protocol that replaces cross-chain bridges — CCTP. The launch is planned in the middle of the first quarter of 2023 on Ethereum and Avalanche.

Popular Crypto Bridges and How They Work

Crypto or blockchain bridges are infrastructure protocols connecting two independent blockchain networks, enabling easy communication between them, thus improving interoperability.

Nomad To Restart Bridge After $190 Million Hack in August

Cross-chain bridge protocol Nomad is getting set to relaunch and partially reimburse those that lost funds in its $190 million hack earlier this year.

What Is Cross-Chain Bridge and How It Works

It is not at all easy to find the best chain bridge in a wide range of similar structures, resembling one another from the first glance. However, some vital criteria can help to single out the better ones.