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Itheum Joins Cointelegraph Accelerator Program To Democratize Data Ownership

Itheum, a Web3 data infrastructure platform, is partnering with Cointelegraph Accelerator to bring control back to individuals over their data. Itheum allows commercial enterprises and end-users to own, trade, and be rewarded for their data in a new asset class that can power the future data economy. Commercial enterprises can utilize Itheum to create data-backed loyalty cards, data passports, and data stream NFTs, while marketplace traders can mint and list their data stream NFTs. The partnership with Cointelegraph will help Itheum broaden its reach and convey its mission of returning data ownership to users through its Web3 data brokerage platform.

Cointelegraph Partners With Phaver Mobile Web3 Social App

Cointelegraph is proud to announce its partnership with Phaver, a mobile Web3 social application with over 140,000 monthly users. The partnership will provide daily Cointelegraph content to Phaver users and others across applications built on the Lens protocol. Cointelegraph, the world’s largest crypto media platform, is a strong believer in the emergence of Web3 social media applications. 

Cointelegraph Has Launched an Accelerator Program for Innovative Web3 Startups

The Web3 space is growing rapidly and new startups are emerging daily, with investment into Web3 projects skyrocketing to $30 billion in 2021 and around $36 billion in 2022.

Cointelegraph’s Accelerator Program Launches and Is Seeking Web3 Startups

Cointelegraph has established itself as a leader in the digital asset, Metaverse and emerging technologies media business since 2013, and is now looking to help other rising stars reach their full potential. Cointelegraph is delighted to introduce its Accelerator Program — a startup booster leveraging Cointelegraph’s capabilities as a strong media and strategic partner for promising Web3 companies.