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Nami Foundation Enhances Compliance with Chainalysis Blockchain Data Platform

Nami Foundation, a leading digital asset and technology financial economics organization in Vietnam, has partnered with Chainalysis to strengthen its transaction monitoring and investigation capabilities for detecting money laundering and terrorist financing on its blockchain services.

Canadian Police To Focus on Cryptocurrency-Related Activities

Canadian police to focus on cryptocurrency-related activities. In Canada, law enforcement has established a center for the investigation of cryptocurrency matters.

0VIX Protocol Demands Attacker to Return Stolen Funds or Face Legal Consequences

oToken transfers, minting, and liquidations were paused on 0VIX Polygon POS and zkEVM markets.

US Treasury Sanctions Individuals Connected to Lazarus Group

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) under the Department of Treasury designated sanctions to two over-the-counter (OTC) traders Wu Hiuhui, based in the People’s Republic of China, and Cheng Hung Man, based in Hong Kong.

Chainalysis and Calgary Police Launch Cryptocurrency Investigation Center

A joint task force featuring investigators from the Calgary police department and analysis from blockchain data firm Chainalysis, dubbed the Western Canada Cryptocurrency Investigations Centre, was officially launched on April 12. 

Decoding Blockchain Data Enigmas with On-Chain Analytics and Safety Tools

This article aims to explore these questions and provide insights into the complex relationship between blockchain and data transparency.

Chainalysis Breaks Down How Scammers Adapt During the Bear Market

In a crypto crime webinar focusing on crimes that affect consumers, Eric Jardine, the cybercrimes research lead at blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis broke down how scammers shift their strategies as market situations change.

Chainalysis Reports Possible North Korean Link in Euler Finance Hack

On March 13th, 2023, Euler Finance was attacked, and the attacker profited approximately 200 million US dollars.

Crypto Evening Briefing: OpenSea, ConsenSys Among Prized Crypto Startups With Shares Available at Big Discounts

Those startups include Alchemy,, Chainalysis, Kraken, ConsenSys, Blockdaemon, CoinDCX and OpenSea.