Crypto Giants Are In Trouble; String of Crypto Exploits and Hacks | Cointime Weekly Jan.22 – Jan.28

Coinbase slammed with $3.6M fine in Netherlands; Bitstop founders acquire Genesis coin; understanding token standards; Bank of America says “digital currencies appear inevitable”

The State of Global CBDC Adoption With Darrell Duffie

Countries are learning that it’s not simply a case of “if you build it, they will come.”

BIS Economists Suggest Improving TradFi With CBDC To Attract Users Away From Crypto

The latest Bank of International Settlements bulletin looks at ways to mitigate the risks of crypto assets and suggests TradFi could get its house in better order too.

Indonesia Plans to Launch its Own Crypto Exchange in 2023

Indonesia has plans to launch a national crypto exchange this year before it hands over regulatory oversight of the industry to its Financial Services Authority.

Key Comments From Liaison Council Members on Central Bank Digital Currencies in Japan

We have extracted some key comments from the Liaison Council members, with regards to cost, pilot participation, technology and the financial intermediary function, and added our comments.

The ICPI and Bitcoin as an Ideal Money Basis

The limiting or “asymptotic” result of such an evolutionary trend would be in effect “ideal money”

UK Amends Financial Services Bill to Accommodate Stablecoins and Other Crypto Assets

The UK government has announced the amendment of its financial services regulatory framework, which seeks to drive growth in the sector and accommodate stablecoins and other crypto assets.

Bitcoin Cash Is The LAST STAND Against The CBDC Crusade

As a response to the financial freedom it delivered to the masses, Central Banks deployed their new weapons of economic destruction: CBDCs. A modern authoritarian financial tool to further diminish economic freedom.

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) Are Pure Evil, Here Are the Three Players in This Sad Tragedy

What really makes the CBDC future a potential hellscape is the fact that governments never stop at the most innocuous use case for a technology when pushing that technology to its limits might benefit them.

Nigeria Caps Daily Cash Withdrawals at $45 to Boost Usage of its CBDC

Nigeria has taken an unconventional approach to encourage the use of its CBDC, the eNaira, by limiting ATM withdrawals to $45 per day.