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Era7:Blending the Strengths of DeFi and NFT Into One GameFi Ecosystem

In the past six months, the number of new users and active users of Era7 ranked first among games in the BNB Chain, including nearly 30,000 daily active users, which is quite considerable in the field of GameFi.

GAIMIN Delivers a Decentralized Approach to the Increasing Requirement for More Data Processing Power

The world-wide demand for data processing is increasing year-on-year, with data processing applications requiring ever increasing performance from data processing devices and services.

Binance Coin Could Push Towards $400 on Plans to Deploy Uniswap V3 on the BNB Chain

The Uniswap community voted earlier this week to deploy its V3 protocol on the BNB Chain. Such a move means that Binance Coin will be integrated into a new ecosystem, possibly boosting its price in the crypto markets.

Blockchain and Dapp Adoption Report 2022: Understanding the Evolving Landscape

Our analysis of the dapp adoption in 2022 highlights several key trends in the blockchain ecosystem. One of the most notable is the shift in user behavior from DeFi towards gaming and high-risk dapps. Additionally, we see that NFTs have remained significant, indicating that this sector will continue to expand.

DeFi Statistics in 2022

Nansen takes a look at how DeFi has performed and highlights interesting statistics about DeFi.

2023 Crypto Market Outlook (Part 4)

Chapter four —— The L1/L2 Landscape

BNB Chain’s European Innovation Incubator Unveils Winners

The European Innovation Incubator, backed by 18 established partners, has reached a conclusion after receiving applications from all over the world.

Binance Labs Invests $4.5M in Ambit Finance for BNB Chain Development

Binance Labs, the venture capital arm of Binance, has committed $4.5 million to Ambit Finance, a decentralised finance (DeFi) protocol that uses novel structured financial products to increase the utility of BUSD and other selected crypto assets.