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Bitcoin․com Partners with HAPI to Launch High-Yield Farm on Verse DEX and Enhance Wallet and DEX Security has integrated HAPI's service into its self-custodial Wallet and added the HAPI token to its Verse DEX with a USDC/HAPI trading pair, offering high yield on the USDC/HAPI Farm. The partnership with HAPI Protocol aims to enhance the security of the multichain Wallet and Verse DEX. HAPI Protocol warns users of the Wallet if an address they interact with has been associated with any suspicious activity. Since October 2022, the system has provided automated warnings to over 11,000 users. plans to integrate HAPI into Verse DEX to provide additional security for DEX users. CEO Roger Ver Says He Has Funds to Pay Almost $21 Million to Genesis CEO Roger Ver, also known as “bitcoin Jesus," says he has enough funds to pay Genesis after its affiliate GGC International Limited said he failed to settle nearly $21 million in cryptocurrency options transactions.

Jack Dorsey’s Block Sues for Trademark Infringement

Digital payments company Block Inc. is pursuing legal action against Roger Ver’s over alleged trademark infringement involving its newly launched Verse token, which concluded a $33.6 million private sale in May 2022. 

Bitcoin․com Joins Chainlink BUILD to Boost Adoption of VERSE Ecosystem dApps, a digital ecosystem and secure self-custody platform where users can safely and easily interact with cryptocurrencies and digital assets, has joined the Chainlink BUILD program to help accelerate the adoption of VERSE ecosystem dApps and receive increased technical support for Chainlink’s time-tested Web3 services—which include verifiable randomness, decentralized price data, and reliable smart contract automation.

Bitcoin․com Announces 'CEX Education Program' to Reward Victims of Centralized Crypto Failures announced the creation of a program that will reward people affected by centralized crypto company insolvencies while encouraging the adoption of decentralized finance and self-custody. The CEX Education Program will draw its resources from’s wallet token VERSE, which is launching in December. Five percent of the total VERSE token supply is dedicated to the program.