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Binance US will remove hundreds of trading pairs including AAVE/USDT AXS/USDT BCH/USDT ATOM/BTX DOT/BTC UNI/BTC and paused OTC Trading Portal.

Binance US will remove hundreds of trading pairs including AAVE/USDT AXS/USDT BCH/USDT ATOM/BTX DOT/BTC UNI/BTC and paused OTC Trading Portal.

SEC Seeks Restraining Order To Freeze Binance US Assets

SEC seeks restraining order to freeze Binance US assets.

Binance.US Backs Out of $1B Voyager Asset Purchase Deal; OpenAI Closes $10B Funding Round | Cointime Weekly Apr.23 – Apr.29

Binance, FTX plans to restart Japanese exchange; PayPal subsidiary Venmo to introduce cryptocurrency transfers; Visa to develop Brazilian blockchain-powered CBDC project; step-by-step guide to asset tokenization.

Voyager Crypto Exchange Reportedly Holds $1.04 Billion in Assets for Liquidation

April 26 (Cointime) - Binance US has announced the termination of its planned asset acquisition of Voyager. Voyager will be distributing cash and cryptocurrency assets directly to its users.

Binance Removes Shiba Inu, 1INCH, FXS, TWT From Innovation Zone

Binance has announced that it will move Shiba Inu (SHIB), 1INCH, Trust Wallet Token (TWT), and Frax Share (FXS) out of its Innovation Zone. The tokens will be available to users from April 18. Binance periodically reviews projects listed in the Innovation Zone, taking into consideration factors such as the project team's commitment, development activity level and quality, trading volume and liquidity, network stability and safety, and community size and communication. Binance also checks for project responsiveness to periodic due diligence requests, contributions to the crypto community, and evidence of unethical practices and negligence. Shiba Inu has seen significant trading volume, development activity, and community participation after the release of Shibarium Beta "Puppynet" last month, with the number of wallets holding SHIB and collaborations with Shibarium on the rise. (coingape)

TRX Suffers After Binance Announced Delisting Amid Sun’s Legal Troubles

Binance has announced that it will delist TRX from its US division, causing a negative reaction in the market for the cryptocurrency. The delisting will only affect TRX's availability on Binance US, while it will remain accessible via the international version. The exact reason for the delisting was not revealed, but Binance listed several possible reasons, including changes in a digital asset's risk profile, unethical or fraudulent activity, and regulatory issues. TRX's price fell by as much as 8%, and its money flow indicator demonstrated a sudden shift in the last two days, highlighting the liquidity outflows. Despite the dip, Tron maintained healthy development activity, which may contribute to a confidence boost. However, there is still some risk of more downside if Tron's current concerns expand outside the US and into the global arena.

Crypto Exchange Binance Loses 16% Market Share After CFTC Lawsuit

Binance has lost 16% of its market share in spot volumes over the last month, which blockchain analytics firm Kaiko attributes to the end of zero-fee trading rather than the US CFTC lawsuit against the exchange. However, Binance lost only 2% of its market share for perpetual futures trade volume. (coingape)

Binance Market Share Tumbles 16%,Data Debrief: April 3, 2023

Over the past two weeks, Binance has lost 16% market share of trade volume following a CFTC lawsuit and the decision to end its zero-fee trading program.

Crypto Morning Briefing: FTX EU Sets Up Website to Repay Users

U.S. Government Sold $216M of Seized Silk Road Bitcoin This Month; BUSD Trading Temporarily Halted by Binance.US After CFTC Allegations

Former Binance US CEO Catherine Coley Hires Attorney Over CFTC's Lawsuit

Former CEO of Binance US, Catherine Coley, has hired an attorney to advise her regarding the Commodities Futures Trading Commission's (CFTC) lawsuit against Binance, according to an anonymous source. Coley is said to have hired James McDonald, a partner at Sullivan & Cromwell who previously worked as the director of enforcement at the CFTC.