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Pro-XRP Lawyer Castigates The SEC’s Argument Saying It’s Unfounded And Absurd

Prominent lawyer and supporter of XRP, the cryptocurrency created by Ripple, has criticized the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) case against Ripple and its executives.

Attorney Deaton Says Ripple Could Pay $250M to Settle With SEC

Attorney Deaton thinks the blockchain company could pay as much as $250 million to settle with the SEC.

Deaton: We Forced SEC to Admit That XRP is “Software Code”

Attorney Deaton highlights another progress made in the Ripple v. SEC lawsuit.

Deaton Explains How Judge Torres Could Grant Ripple an Outright Win

Attorney Deaton said Judge Torres could reject SEC’s wild sweeping theory and give Ripple an outright win.

Deaton Says SEC Lawyers Are 100% Transactional In Their Arguments

Attorney Deaton criticized the SEC, saying the agency’s lawyers are 100% transactional.