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Arweave Builders to Discuss Future of Permanence in Cointime's Web3 Builder Hub Daily

Join us on June 2nd at 9 pm as Cointime hosts a chat with builders about the Arweave.

All HackerNoon Stories Now Republish on Arweave

HackerNoon has backed up all of their over 1 billion published words on the Arweave network to ensure that their content will remain accessible even if HackerNoon ceases to exist. When a story is published on HackerNoon, it is automatically backed up on Arweave. This means readers will still be able to access HackerNoon stories through Arweave's permanent URLs even if HackerNoon disappears. These Arweave backups provide writers with an indelible proof that their stories were published by them on HackerNoon. HackerNoon sees these Web3 backups as a testament to the future of content curation and distribution being built on public ledgers.

HackerNoon raises $250k at $50 million valuation from Forward Research

HackerNoon, a technology publishing platform that publishes about blockchain, crypto and Web3 , has raised $250,000 from Forward Research, the leading R&D firm for Arweave.

NFT Teams: Free Yourself From Never-Ending IPFS Pinning Fees by Uploading Images to Arweave via the CLI Method

Arweave is a product / service. Yes, it’s a storage protocol. But those descriptions miss the mark because it’s the benefits of using Arweave that set it apart from the nonstop hassles of IPFS.

Meta Integrates Arweave for The Storage of NFTs on Instagram

Arweave announced that Meta is now utilizing Arweave for the storage of their creator's digital collectibles on Instagram.