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AntChain Announces Open Source Cross-Chain Technology: Interconnection Of Digital Assets

At the Digital Technology Developers Conference held today, Ant Chain, a subsidiary of Ant Group, announced that it would officially open source its high-security heterogeneous cross-chain protocol AntChain Bridge to developers around the world, in order to promote technology inclusiveness and universal integration. 

NBA Partners Chinese Fintech Giant Ant Group To Launch NFTs in China

The National Basketball Association (NBA) will partner Ant Group – Chinese tech giant Alibaba’s fintech affiliate – to issue NBA-themed non-fungible tokens (NFT) and create content.

Chinese Billionaire Jack Ma Gives Up Control of Fintech Giant Ant Group

Alibaba co-founder and CEO Jack Ma will no longer control the Chinese fintech giant Ant Group. Fintech giant’s shareholders voted to implement a series of adjustments that will see the billionaire’s departure from Ant Group.