ABCDE: Why We Led Invest in Particle Network?

Particle Network is a middleware platform for Web3 developers that aims to enhance their development efficiency and accelerate the mass adoption of Web3.

ABCDE: Why we invest in Polyhedra Network?

PolyHedra Network is a ZK full-stack project, and its core team comes from the University of California, Berkeley, Tsinghua University, and Stanford University. They have developed two advanced ZKP protocols, deVirgo and paraPlonk, to achieve full-stack ZK interoperability and scalability.

ABCDE: Why we lead invest in MetaTrust.

MetaTrust is the world’s first suite of builder-first Web3 security solutions covering the full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

ABCDE:Why we invest in DeBox

DeBox is a “Web3 version of Patreon” that reshapes content monetization and community participation.