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0xScope: Almost 500,000 MULTI transferred to Gateio from addresses associated with the official Multichain team

On May 24, Web3 Knowledge Graph Protocol 0xScope stated on its social platforms that the address associated with the official Multichain team (starting with 0xb4df) transferred 494,200 MULTI ($3.17 million) to the trading platform Gateio an hour ago.

0xScope: Maximizing the Usage of Data

The article introduces 0xScope, a decentralized knowledge graph protocol for standardizing and analyzing data. It emphasizes the team's vision to simplify data management and reduce costs for data consumers while considering data security.

Massive ARB Collection: 0xScope Identifies EOA Address Holding $84.4M Worth of Tokens

According to Web3 knowledge graph protocol 0xScope, an EOA address has been collecting a massive amount of ARB, the native token of Arbitrum, over the past day, and now holds 59M ($84.4M) ARB.

Safe Treasury & 0xScope jointly promote the financial transparency of DAOs

With many web3 companies now making their payroll public to build a culture of trust among employees, what is your organizational transparency spectrum?

Partnership Announcement: TwitterScan &NNS X 0xScope

TwitterScan and NNS are working together to create a cross-chain name service network that will connect people, information, and assets.