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Zebec:$ZBC Token Metadata Issue Resolved

Zebec· 3 min read

The Zebec Team has worked hard to expedite a solution, which will roll out in the next few days.

$ZBC tokens on BNB Chain (BSC) aren’t correctly displayed in wallets

Despite display issues, all BSC $ZBC are valid and tradable on Pancake Swap for tokens like USDT.

To expedite a solution, Zebec is issuing a new token contract for $ZBC on BSC.

Once the new token contract is deployed, the old $ZBC tokens will not be tradable on Pancake Swap but will be redeemable on Zebec’s website on a 1:1 basis.

Thank you for your patience and understanding! We appreciate your support and feedback on this issue.

Metadata Display Issues on BSC

Unfortunately, the current $ZBC token metadata on BSC is misleading. As a result, $ZBC tokens are not displayed with the correct token ticker but are showcased as “Unknown Token” in wallets. We, here at the foundation, sincerely apologize for the confusion that has been caused over the past few weeks.

Since this confusion has caused some difficulties, we decided to recycle all tokens on the current BSC token addresses. This event WILL NOT affect airdropped tokens. They will still be liquid and tradable on Pancake Swap for tokens like $USDT.

While it is customary to wait on Metaplex to help solve metadata issues for tokens originally issued on Solana, we wanted to expedite a solution for our community. We are sorry for the confusion and concern it has already caused.

Zebec’s Solution

Zebec will create a new $ZBC token on BSC with a new contract address with the proper metadata structure and bridge it over to BSC.

Currently, community members can trade their existing $ZBC on Pancake Swap for $USDT. Once the new $ZBC token address is deployed on BSC, holders of the previous $ZBC on BSC will not be able to trade it for USDT but can swap it for the new $ZBC tokens on a 1:1 basis on Zebec’s website.

You can either trade your existing, airdropped $ZBC for $USDT or the new $ZBC that will be released shortly on BSC.

We appreciate Solana and Metaplex and their effort to help us. However, expediting a solution for our community and fixing the issue ourselves was necessary.

Thank you for your patience and understanding! No project with ground-breaking technology ever launches without complications; all projects depend on a solid community to see them through issues that arise. We are fortunate to have such a strong community, and we appreciate your patience!

Together, we will continue to build a world with frictionless payments, replacing traditional systems with decentralized ones based on Web3 technology.

The Zebec Team

About Zebec Protocol

Zebec is a tax-compliant payment protocol with over 250 business clients and more than $300 million in TVL. It is a continuous settlement protocol founded by Sam Thapaliya that makes payments more efficient, fair, and decentralised.

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