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Zebec Foundation: Launching The $10 Million ZBC Ecosystem Fund

Cointime Staff· 3 min read

The foundation is thrilled to announce a $10 million ZBC Ecosystem Fund to further support our communities and stakers.

As blockchain and web 3.0 becomes more adopted by the world, there is a massive momentum shift from web 2.0 over to web 3.0. Payment undoubtedly becomes the most vital aspect of blockchain adoption. Within this year, we are proud to announce a partnership with key strategic projects such as VISA to become the very first project on Solona that was allowed to be in the VISA program.

In order to accommodate the greater demand between our users and assets, Zebec foundation is in desperate need to launch a new infrastructure platform which allows a smoother user interface and interaction.

Zebec Chain’s ZK-roll up (provided by Eclipse) allows privacy-enabled transactions and advanced business adoption use cases. Hence, operation horizon is born to incentivize communities and early supporters the adoption of this new technology.

Therefore, the Foundation is excited to announce the creation of an ecosystem reserve fund for the further development of the Zebec Chain and to incentivize the development of its ecosystem. This fund will come from the treasure reserves and will be disbursed in ZBC tokens and stablecoins throughout the ecosystem-building process.

We will most likely allocate the first portion of the funds to help advance our validator consensus system. The foundation will launch a rollup-based layer 1 chain which will serve as the underlying Web3-based financial infrastructure for global payments.

Core Objectives of the Zebec Chain Ecosystem Fund

Validator Development: Building a decentralized ecosystem with the maximum number of validators will help secure the network and defend against attacks.

Developer Grants: Parts of the fund will be allocated to developers who can build a strong ecosystem of dApps once the Zebec chain goes live.

Community & Marketing Development: Promoting the Zebec ecosystem, including community contributions, and validator operations across the region.

Business Development: Bringing high-quality projects from other chains into the Zebec Ecosystem that focus on DeFi, Gaming, browser extensions, NFTs, and the Metaverse.

Technology Development: Native Zebec products that will leverage Zebec’s payment-focused chain and bounties to help resolve any technical flaws there are in the products we build.

Horizon Ecosystem Fund Distribution timeline

Horizon Fund I ($10 million): Focuses on early-stage consensus building, and community development.

Horzion Fund II ($10- $15 million): Will activate during Testnet Stage, to support builders and development on the Zebec chain.

Horizon Fund III ($50 — $100 million): Will activate before the Mainnet launch for further ecosystem development.

Through the first $10 million ZBC ecosystem fund, the Zebec Foundation will reward early validators and supporters. The Foundation hopes this funding will help accelerate the development of the ecosystem and attract talented builders and passionate community members to help us build Zebec together. The Foundation would like to use this opportunity to thank our community for their continuous support of our users, validators, and communities as a whole.

Let’s march onward to a new world with frictionless payment streaming solutions!

About Zebec Protocol

Zebec is a tax-compliant payment protocol with over 250 business clients and more than $300 million in TVL. It is a continuous settlement protocol founded by Sam Thapaliya that makes payments more efficient, fair, and decentralized.

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