Why Did Amazon Collaborate Only With Avalanche (AVAX)?

Jessica Doosan· 3 min read

Avalanche got fantastic updates on January 11, the news is that the Amazon Web Services collaborated with Ava Lab.

The important thing to highlight here is why Amazon chose Avalanche.

The reason for this is because Avalanche provides a customs solution. Avalanche may be used to deploy both private and public blockchains. Both of these options may be found in it, and its blockchain is capable of both of them.

They will offer scalable solutions to businesses as well as governments.

Enterprise Level — Business Level

At this level, it has been seen that they choose to implement private blockchain in many circumstances. Because they simply require a scalability feature that allows them low-cost transactions. If the cost is low, the user will be more likely to utilize it. Everyone has the option of taking the quickest, cheapest, and most advanced option.

Government Level

For example, ripple (XRP) is a huge project that has been suppressed due to sec. When it comes to XRP’s technical product, the ability to supply on-demand liquidity is excellent. XRP is employed in Central Bank Digital Currency, and the country’s government requires it. Not everyone need it; nonetheless, the Progressive Government requires it in order to design their country’s Central Bank Digital Currency. Stellar has similar features.

Previously, the BNB Network was used to develop Kazakhstan’s Central Bank Digital Currency. Kazakhstan selected the BNB Chain due to a cooperation with Binance.

These things are like priceless stones since a large audience can only be reached via collaboration.

If the integration is done at the enterprise level, Avalanche will quickly get a wide audience. This is useful for any project.

El Salvador

El Salvador adopted bitcoin as legal money; this is a significant change. Because the public that used to use it has now grown to a significant number of users. Even if not everyone in the country uses it, it gives them a boost. When everything is considered together, it is really good for Avalanche.

International Chess Federation

The International Chess Federation collaborates with Avalanche to offer a web3 product. If you enjoy activities such as chess, you will be able to play virtual chess in the web3 program.

The fact that there are 500 million cheese gamers worldwide is a significant benefit of this thing. At the same time, 500 million users are discovered. Whatever the product, the essential element in it is blockchain; the more blockchain is used, the larger and stronger the project develops.

Core Wallet

Ava Lab released the core wallet some time ago. This wallet supports several chains. Every specialized blockchain has its own wallet. Trust Wallet and Metamask are examples of similar services. Solana has it as well.

2nd New SDK

They have also released the Rust VM SDK.

  • Rust — Programming Language
  • VM — Virtual Machine
  • SDK — Software Development Kit

When the developer receives the ITK solution, it makes development considerably easier.

When it comes to the top five programming languages for creating smart contracts, Solidity comes out on top. Ethereum Solidity is used by the biggest ecosystem. As a result, we see a lot of smart contracts being executed using Solidity. However, because it is simpler than Solidity, rust has grown in popularity.

The race for smart contracts began in crypto, and since then, programming languages have grown in popularity. Kit is created in Avalanche in Rust to be useful for its developer. The technological aspect is also improving.


Shopify retailers have used Avalanche NFTs, which will also increase their user base.

Avalanche’s market dominance may grow exponentially as a result of its deal with Amazon. And if many businesses start utilizing it, its future will be bright.

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This is not a Financial Advice. This article is meant only for educational purpose. I am just sharing my thoughts and analysis based on my many years of experience.

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