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Voltz Protocol:A Non-caste Amm for Interest-rate swaps (irs)

Cointime Staff· 2 min read

Voltz protocol is a non-caste amm for interest-rate swaps (irs). Interest swaps, when one rate of return is replaced by another, are a key element of traditional finance but have not yet been fully explored in defi. They are used to hedge risks, as well as for speculation. In the voltz protocol, traders can exchange interest rates for leverage, and liquidity suppliers can supply concentrated liquidity to irs pools.

There are three main ways to use the voltz protocol:

Fixed takers (FTS) exchange a fixed rate variable to insure against risks.

Variable takers (VTS) exchange a fixed bet for a variable to potentially earn higher apy.

Liquidity providers (LPS) supply liquidity to irs pools.

Each of these positions can be opened with a high level of leverage thanks to the voltz risk engine and concentrated liquidity.

Building on the voltz protocol

The volts protocol has an open source code and serves as the fundamental building block for a number of potential defi applications. Documentation for developers contains useful information to start working with the voltz protocol and even contains an example of the lp optimizer created over the voltz.

Uniswap v3 is used in the voltz protocol as a result of the management vote, which helps bring the protocol to the forefront of defi. The active discord community consists of many developers who create their own projects based on the voltz protocol.

Powerful trade strategies

There are a number of interest-swap strategies that can provide attractive returns under different market conditions. Learning how to trade interest-bearing swaps with leverage is a skill that is effective in bull, bear and neutral markets, so more and more defi users are becoming experienced in irs. The voltz protocol user interface allows you to easily configure trading and lp positions - you will quickly become experienced in swaps!


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