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Vinci Protocol Completed 2.1M Seed Round Fundraising

Vinci Protocol· 3 min read

With much excitement, we want to tell you Vinci Protocol has completed a 2.1M seed round fundraising led by UOB Venture Management, SigNum Capital, and TGE Capital.

This fundraising is to accelerate our mission of building a power suite of NFT data services and developer tools to empower native Web3 builders and applications.

We at Vinci Protocol believe NFTs are the new and most disruptive way of creative expression, allowing artists, brands, and companies to provide authenticity in the rising digital age. Of course, the future of NFTs is full of uncertainty, but the team behind Vinci Protocol is now pushing the boundary of what can be achieved from NFT, and we are having a blast being part of this journey.

We created Vinci Protocol with a clear WHY — to build an NFT infrastructure where users, developers, and companies can interact with the NFT space in their unique ways. With Vinci Protocol, we envision that Web3 builders and companies can leverage our tools and services, which encompass NFT finance, NFT Oracle, NFT Governance, and NFT Commerce, to bring mass adoption to NFT and Web3. However, to achieve this, we must rely on many trades that only exist at the intersection of art, blockchain, data, and financial engineering. This is why we turn to the market for help, as it is the ultimate judge and pusher.

Raising funds is a very common step for startups. However, it is extremely hard at this juncture, which, in contrast, shows what we can offer to the crypto market is even more valuable. This seed funding gives Vinci Protocol a significant financial boost, and having accredited investors and institutions behind us means more than just money.

In addition, we can address the essential topics by careful planning in our Advisory Board, and as a result, we are well positioned for the market. Our ability to interact with the vast NFT groups and maintain a strong network has come about due to frequent communication with our investors and advisers.

Looking back, our first announcement in February showed the world what we initially planned to achieve in this new NFT world, followed by an incredible response from the NFT community. Since then, we’ve seen tremendous organic growth in our multiple events, in which thousands of people have shared and claimed our community NFTs with their friends.

Besides the amazing community support we have received, technically, we had several significant milestones, the most important ones of which being:

The official mainnet was launched successfully.

We have completed the Certik audit report with no critical findings.

Developer documents were completed and ready for integration.

Launched blue-chip NFT lending pools on Ethereum mainnet.

Deployed NFT Oracle contract on Ethereum mainnet with the updated mechanism.

Deployed NFT floor price history graph.

Launched NFT Oracle landing page with a floor price list and price history charts.

The new funding presents us with incredible resources to continue building world-class services and products and accommodating the demand we are seeing in the NFT space.

We’ll continue investing heavily in our core product and build it to stand the test of market and time. For now, we are keeping our heads down and rolling up our sleeves to create the best possible product for our community.

About Vinci Protocol

Vinci Protocol is a power suite of NFT data services and developer tools for native Web3 builders and applications.

With Vinci, Web3 developers could get everything they need to integrate NFT solutions in minutes with ultra-low costs, including finance, oracle, governance, and commerce.

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