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Token Flow Raises $12m in Series A Funding to Expand Its Blockchain Data Platform

Cointime Staff· 2 min read

First close of Series A round with $12m committed

Token Flow is delighted to announce the first close of our Series A funding round with $12 million committed to date, and to welcome Electric Capital and Delta Blockchain Fund as incoming investors, alongside our existing Seed investor UDHC.

Ken Deeter of Electric Capital to Token Flow’s Board. Following the signing of the Series A commitment Ken Deeter, Partner at the round’s lead investor Electric Capital said:

"As blockchain-powered applications proliferate, tools that enable deep analysis of on-chain data will become indispensable. By vastly simplifying complex analyses, we believe Token Flow's data platform unlocks a new level of capability and efficiency for developers, investors, DAOs, and institutions. We are very excited to work with the team to help up-level the data sophistication of the entire Web3 ecosystem."

Following the closing of the funding round Token Flow is hiring for a number of openings across data engineering, DevOps, ecosystem development and more.

State history accelerates blockchain analysis

Existing blockchain data sources are limited and focus on basic data easily accessible from nodes. Token Flow’s proprietary transaction processing technology enables what has always been considered impossible - full historical analysis of blockchain state.

Users can now easily analyze every smart contract variable, including hashmap keys and complex structures. This multiplies the productivity of data analysts, security researchers, and developers, allowing them to perform new types of valuable analysis that previously was difficult or infeasible.

At the same time this is more efficient than call and event based analysis and reduces the complexity and errors that are frequent with such an approach.

Going multi-chain and increasing data coverage

With their beta program Token Flow launched datasets for Ethereum, Goerli and StarkNet and have already served tens of thousands of queries from DeFi protocols, centralized exchanges, DAOs, and analytics platforms. Token Flow expect to complete the beta program in Q4 2022, after which they will launch new datasets and analytical tools and also expand to new chains.

Currently Token Flow is working on Optimism, Arbitrum, zkSync, Polygon and Avalanche and they are expanding vertically as they add more higher level datasets with core objects (addresses, contracts, tokens, domains, pools, bridges, etc) and actions (mints, trades, liquidity movements, governance and more).




Twitter: @InsightsFlow


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