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The Sandbox Opens New Virtual Neighborhoods With Three LAND Sales

The Sandbox· 3 min read


The LAND sales will start on Thursday November 24th at 3PM UTC;

Two waves of LAND sales will take place over the course of a few weeks: the first wave launching on November 24th. Voxel Madness will launch Q1 2023.

14 brands and celebrities will be joining the metaverse;

A new raffle system will ensure fairness of access to LAND;

Participants will need to have at least 1,011 SAND in their wallets to enter the raffle.

634 LANDs will be for sale around the first two neighborhoods;

112 Premium LANDs will be sold with a bundle of exclusive NFTs;

35 ESTATEs will be auctioned via OpenSea.

One LAND sale, 3 waves

Discover the three new neighborhoods that will be opening during this multi-week event:

Wave 1 — California Dreamin’: November 24th

237 Regular LANDs

68 Premium LANDs

21 ESTATE Auctions

Wave 2 — The Galleria: December 1st

303 Standard LANDs

44 Premium LANDs

15 ESTATE Auctions

Wave 3 — Voxel Madness: Raffle sign up opens in 2023

Gamers and creators, this is your time to shine! We’re ending this LAND sale with a bang in the Voxel Madness zone. The gaming-driven neighborhood will feature cool web3 brands like Voxies and Dogami. This is your chance to claim your stake in the district serving as the virtual local arcade for gaming fans around the world.

155 Standard LANDs

22 Premium LANDs

4 ESTATE Auctions

A New LAND Sale Process

Process-wise, we’re kicking things up a notch with this LAND sale. Ensuring a democratic purchasing process and opportunities to participate in both regular and Premium LAND sales has always been our focus. As such, the LAND sale process has been revamped and will now be granted via raffles.

What is the new LAND sale process like?

To be eligible to participate in the upcoming LAND sales, you will now need to have a KYCed account. This will also allow us to validate that all entrants have enough SAND on the Polygon network to purchase a LAND in their account.

We will be running two raffles per wave. One for users that want to purchase a regular LANDs and one for those that want to purchase a premium LAND.

Both raffles will be run in the same manner for each wave, with the Premium raffle going first for Premium LANDs closer to IPs, and the regular raffle going afterward.

Yes, you can register for both raffles in a wave!

Randomized location

Upon purchase, the LANDs included in each wave will be distributed randomly among the pool of buyers that won the raffle. Regular raffle winners receive the opportunity to buy a Regular LAND and Premium winners receive the opportunity to buy a Premium LAND.

Regular LAND

Regular LAND parcels

Price per LAND: 1,011 SAND

Premium LAND

Premium LANDS are located next to a brand or IP partner’s ESTATE

Grant Premium NFTs linked to the LAND sale’s partners (airdropped at the end of the sale)

Price per LAND: 4,683 SAND

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