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The Eight Most Important Types of DAOs You Need to Know

Cointime Staff· 9 min read

By Hashim Qamar

As the universe of blockchains and crypto keeps on developing, launching decentralized autonomous organization (DAOs) are becoming famous choices for overseeing advanced local groups.

DAOs offer the novel chance to develop and fabricate networks and organizations in a decentralized manner. From the biggest decentralized exchange, UniSwap, to a DAO intended to bring $3 Million up on the side of the Ukrainian Armed force; there is no deficiency of DAO use cases.

Individuals from these decentralized Autonomous Organizations team up as indicated by a common arrangement of rules encoded on a blockchain and, therefore, have started disturbing all that from money to good cause and that’s just the beginning.

Be that as it may, not all DAOs are made equivalent. Various sorts fill various needs, and the advantages of DAOs are not appropriate to each advanced first group or web3 project. Assuming you’re hoping to more readily comprehend the numerous sorts of DAOs today, I take care of you.

The Main Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Before we jump into the various types of DAOs, a short history illustration is all together.

Suitably named “The DAO”, the main Decentralized Autonomous Organization was fabricated utilizing smart contracts, utilized an open-source structure, and zeroed in on strategic investing.

Sadly, a smart contract bug exploit lost The DAO 3.6 million ETH, and they didn’t recuperate monetarily. In any case, The DAO prepared for some more fruitful DAOs.

The Late spring of DeFi in 2018 brought lead Decentralized Finance tasks to the Ethereum blockchain like Compound Finance (COMP), Uniswap (UNI), and Aave (AAVE), which offered alluring ways for local area individuals to show their obligation to decentralization through governance tokens and DAO governance.

Eventually, the progress of DAOs were the consequence of developments in blockchain innovation like smart contracts, on-chain administration (voting), engaged local area individuals rethinking how choices are made, and new hierarchical lawful designs without a focal power.

As the web3 ecosystem develops, blockchain innovation advances, and pioneers explore different avenues regarding new sorts of models, it’s probably we’ll keep on seeing DAOs stretch the boundaries of what’s conceivable.

Types of DAOs

There are eight(8) principal sorts of DAOs:

  1. Protocol DAOs
  2. 2. Award DAOs
  3. 3. Philanthropy DAOs
  4. 4. Social DAOs
  5. 5. Collector DAOs
  6. 6. Venture DAOs
  7. 7. Media DAOs
  8. 8. SubDAOs

Since new kinds of DAOs are being grown consistently, I will not have the option to cover each DAO types. All things considered, in the event that you’re investigating how to make your own DAO, we should jump into the most widely recognized sorts of DAOs and their objectives.

1. Protocol DAOs

A protocol DAO is a sort of DAO that is intended to oversee a decentralized protocol, for example, a get/loaning application, decentralized trade, or one more kind of dapp.

Protocol DAO Models

Three of the most remarkable protocol DAO models are MakerDAO, Uniswap, and Yearn Finance.


One of the first DeFi applications on the Ethereum blockchain network, MakerDAO utilizes smart contracts to empower clients to loan and acquire digital forms of money with tweaked loaning rates and repayable sums.

MakerDAO utilizes MKR administration tokens so holders can decide on changes to the Producer Convention, including how much guarantee for collateralized debt positions (CDPs), yearly getting, and closing down assuming Ethereum crashes.

MKR holders likewise go about as the purchasers after all other options have run out for DAI advances (an algorithmic stablecoin made by MakerDAO). On the off chance that the worth of ETH in Maker Vaults doesn’t cover how much DAI available for use, MKR is made and offered in an obligation sale to raise the required measure of assets.


Uniswap launched its governance token, UNI, giving the local area voting rights in the Uniswap’s turn of events and tasks. Holders of UNI tokens control the Uniswap administration, UNI community treasury funds, the protocol charge switch, and that’s just the beginning.

To change Uniswap or present new elements, a proposition is submitted with at least 25,000 UNI yes-votes to be qualified for additional pondering.

Yearn Finance

Like the above governance token-fueled DAOs, Yearn DAO delegates financing to DAO Vaults. YFI holders can give assets to DAOs supported to acknowledge subsidizing in the DAO vault environment. Filling a hole in the customary HR and finance framework, YFI organizer Andre Cronje constructed Coordinape to independently dispense assets and prize patrons.

2. Grant DAOs

Grant DAOs are intended to work with philanthropic gifts, decisively send capital resources all through the web3 environment, and are either a magnanimous expansion of a bigger undertaking or a completely different element in the DeFi space.

Grant DAO Models

Aave Grants DAO is a local area drove program to finance thoughts and undertakings that power the improvement of Aave Protocol, zeroing in on supporting a more exhaustive organization of local area designers.

Aave Grants dispense a predefined measure of subsidizing per quarter. Qualified grant entries incorporate however aren’t restricted to; Aave advancement, integrations, developer apparatuses, and then some.

One illustration of a Grant DAO that is a different element is MetaCartel, which makes monetary financing to projects and offers functional help for beginning phase dapps.

Determined to speed up the making of Web 3, MetaCartel grants awards between $1,000 to $10,000 for dApps based on Ethereum, new shopper confronting use-case tests, the production of new DAOs, people group arranged drives, and that’s just the beginning.

3. Philanthropy DAOs

Philanthropy DAOs expect to assist with advancing social obligation by coordinating around a common perspective to make influence in the realm of Web3.

Philanthropy DAO Models

The principal not-for-profit philanthropic DAO, Huge Green DAO, is attached to Enormous Green, a public 501(c3) food equity noble cause that shows individuals how to develop food to further develop nourishment security, psychological wellness, and environment influence. Enormous Green DAO hooked onto the ten years old foundation to rebuild award making and put the philanthropic in a good monetary position.

The speed at which DAOs coordinate and execute is a demonstration of the force of Web3.

UkraineDAO brought more than $3 million up in ETH to help the Ukrainian Armed force in under seven days.

Facilitated by individuals from PleasrDAO, Trippy Labs, and Russian art collective Pussy Mob, UkraineDAO utilizes the ENS space, ukrainedao.eth, to send gifts to Ukrainian officers, and backing the Ukrainian association, Return Alive.

Basically, the prevalence of the crypto joined with the straightforwardness of global settlements permit generosity DAOs to make a significant effect at record-breaking speed.

4. Social DAOs

Social DAOs, or creator DAOs, are centered around oneself getting sorted out local area part of DAOs by uniting similar people like developers, craftsmen, and creatives.

While Social DAOs are local area centered, normally they have a hindrance to section, for example, claiming a particular number of tokens, possessing a NFT, or being by and by welcomed.

Creator DAO Models

Developer DAO is an aggregate of web3 designers zeroed in on building the future of web3. To join Developer DAO, individuals should hold a beginning NFT or be one of the fortunate engineers welcomed into the confidential Discord server.

Companions With Advantages, is a web3 creator DAO zeroed in on building local area and encouraging imagination. Admittance to Companions With Advantages is 75 $FWB tokens, and once conceded, individuals have full admittance to interface with developers, craftsmen, creatives, and go to selective occasions.

While DeFi was ostensibly based on the standards of openness, numerous social DAOs get esteem from selectiveness, joint effort, and relational organization impacts.

5. Collector DAOs

The primary reason for Collector DAOs is for individuals to pool assets together with the goal that the aggregate local area can put invest treasury assets in blue chip NFT art and different collectibles, where every part claims an offer comparing to their own venture.

Collector DAO Models

Prominent collector DAOs, for example, FlamingoDAO rose with the blast of NFTs which gathered extraordinarily costly NFTs from computerized artists like Pak, Hackatao, XCopy, and CryptoPunk #2890 NFT, which was bought in 2021 for $760,000 USD.

One more gathering of authorities framed ConstitutionDAO trying to purchase the US Constitution. Surprisingly, ConstitutionDAO raised $47 million worth of ETH in multi week to attempt to purchase a first-release duplicate of the U.S. Constitution at a Sotheby’s sale.

However only one out of every odd gatherer DAO will pay off, it is another mechanism for financial investors to get monetary openness to costly NFTs without gambling a lot of individual capital.

6. Investment and Venture DAOs

Venture DAOs pool funding to put resources into beginning phase web3 new businesses, protocols, off-chain speculations, and gain admittance to portfolios not accessible in customary money.

Venture DAO Models

Krause House DAO is a Venture DAO attempting to purchase an expert NBA group that is comprised of financial backers and basketball devotees. Krause House DAO individuals would partake in choices influencing the working methodology of a Public Basketball Affiliation group, including yet not restricted to general administration, ticketing, promoting, and organizations.

Other outstanding venture DAOs incorporate MetaCartel Ventures (MCV) which is a revenue driven DAO laid out by the MetaCartel people group to put resources into beginning phase Decentralized Applications (DApps), and BessemerDAO, which was launched by the San Francisco-based VC firm Bessemer Adventure Accomplices, to examine patterns in the crypto business and sharing assets.

7. Media DAOs

Rather than a hierarchical methodology where content is delivered with a focal plan or impacted by sponsors, Media DAOs re-evaluate customary media platforms by making content driven by the community.

Think social media, yet rather than corporate associations overseeing the benefits, people in the media network are effectively procuring a piece of the decentralized organization’s benefit.

Media DAO Models

BanklessDAO is a decentralized local area to facilitate and engender bankless media, culture, and schooling. Its will probably drive the reception of a genuinely bankless cash framework.

Decrypt is one more media DAO model that engages clients to decide on what kinds of content they need to see.

Media DAOs are particularly strong for anticipated networks hoping to compensate their clients as the crypto local area and Web 3.0 culture develop.

8. SubDAOs

A SubDAO is another sort of DAO that is a subset of DAO individuals that are coordinated to oversee explicit capabilities like tasks, organizations, promoting, treasury, and awards.

Balancer Protocol saw an open door with its developing DAO participation and proposed to make subDAOs to oversee DAO-related direction and work with execution, without requiring each proposition to be passed by the whole DAO.

In a consistent vote, Balancer DAO effectively coordinated subDAOs into their construction and are currently ready to move all the more proficiently as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

The inventiveness of the local area is really the constraint of what can be worked inside the DAO structure.

Take A Look at Dexe DAO

Dexe DAO is not Among the Best but aiming to be the best among the rest DAO. Know the Reason why.

Dexe DAO

Being a decentralised and autonomous cryptocurrency assets portfolio environment, DeXe:

1) provides freedom while trading. With its DAO there will be transparency with Community.

2) Creates Accountability of trading where it makes sure that the trader has own funds at stake,

3) It also provides Competitiveness. It’s competitive because it lets traders compete for investor funds with their track record, trading strategy, etc.

With Technology DeXe implemented autonomous smart contracts which along with tools for virtual currency allocation and automatic rebalancing makes it a perfect DEX. The technology also eliminates the risks of transferring digital wallet details like private keys, API or virtual currency data to third parties. Thus DeXe connects traders in a reliable, verifiable and Transparent ways which benefits both groups

To add on, Technologically DeXe team are sound enough to bring what is best for User Community. From a functional perspective, I would recommend it to track the User activities and provide mechanisms where Users can give real-time feedback about components like Usability, accessibility, UI/UX components etc

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