Terraport Finance Previews Launch Roadmap Including TERRA Token Distribution and Terraport Launch

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Terraport Finance has released a preview of their launch roadmap, including the TERRA token distribution, the V1 launch of the Terra Classic-based DeFi project, TERRA token trading commencement, the Terraport Farming Contract, and Terraport Staking Contract releases.

According to the roadmap preview, the distribution event for the TERRA token is scheduled for March 28th, and the launch of Terraport V1 is planned for March 31st.

The release of the Terraport farming contract and staking contracts are planned to start after the V1 launch of the layer-2 DeFi project. The trading of TERRA, the native token of Terraport, is also set to begin on March 31st.

The team noticed some incorrect receiving wallets while setting up the vesting contracts, and investors have 72 hours to check and correct them. 

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