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Revv Announcd $5.5 Million Seed Raise To Build Marketplace Infrastructure in DeFi

Cointime Staff· 1 min read

According to @Adi_Dommaraju on Twitter:

At Revv, we believe that blockchains and cryptographic verification are key technological primitives that will transform global trade and financial markets for decades to come.

Our mission is to build decentralized infrastructure that will underpin the next generation of efficient, transparent, and resilient global financial markets.Today, we are publicly bringing Revv (@revv_xyz) out of stealth and announcing our $5.5 million seed raise to build out marketplace infrastructure in DeFi.

The raise closed in Q2 of this year and was led by Libertus Capital, with participation from Castle Island Ventures, Tribe Capital, DACM, C^2 Ventures, Palm Drive Capital, Figment Capital, and GFC, as well as several prominent angels from crypto and TradFi

At Revv, we want to take the best practices of TradFi and web2 alongside crypto-native experience to enable the construction of new DeFi products that are economically useful, first-order correct, and intuitive to grasp.

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