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Ralph Lauren’s Former Digital Chief Launches Web3 Fashion Platform

Kadzy· 2 min read

Alice Delahunt has been involved in projects from Burberry to Ralph Lauren. Now, she aims to bridge the gap between traditional and digital fashion communities with her company, Syky.

The hot bits:

The platform is set to launch in 2023.

It aims to provide users with the ability to trade, curate and own digitalised fashion.

Syky (pronounced "psyche") is a fashion platform that utilises blockchain technology converging physical, digital and augmented reality.

In a LinkedIn post, Delahunt explains that the platform is named after the greek Goddess of the soul, Psyche. She states, "I think we express a lot about ourselves in the fashion we choose, and this will be replicated in digital and augmented worlds, too. I also loved that Psyche has personified the quest for self-determination in poetry, art, psychology — and now, in fashion and technology."

Alice Delahunt, who led digital strategies at Burberry and Ralph Lauren, is now making her venture into digital fashion and web 3 with the anticipated launch of her company. Syky is a blockchain-enabled platform that aims to create a space where consumers, the mainstream fashion industry and upcoming talent can come together. It aims to be both business-to-business in the way it connects technology and fashion and consumer-facing.

Just as social media gave rise to user-generated content in web 2, Syke aims to do the same for web 3. More information about how the platform will operate and the business model will be released in the coming months before its launch in 2023.

Delahunt is joining luxury fashion heavyweights who have left their former roles to pursue their endeavours in web 3. Some others exploring the field include David Matteazzi, former merchandising director at Diese who joined Kryptomon in August this year, and Ian Rogers, the former chief digital officer of LVMH group, now working as chief experience officer at Ledger, a crypto wallet hardware provider.

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