Proposal to Deploy Uniswap V3 on Avalanche Passed With Over 90% Support

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Cointime Staff· 1 min read

The Uniswap proposal named "Deploy Uniswap V3 on Avalanche" has passed, with 26 million (91.26%) YES votes and 2.5 million (8.74%) NO votes in the temperature check.

"The primary urgency behind this proposal is the upcoming BSL expiration on April 1st. As soon as the license expires, all entities will have the legal right to duplicate Uniswap v3 and utilize the forked code for commercial purposes. Invariably, large chains like Avalanche will see a rapid influx of v3 copycats, which will dilute the markets on those respective chains. It is therefore imperative for Uniswap v3 to get ahead of the competitors by launching on large chains before duplicates arise. " the firm explained the motivation and importance of the deployment.

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