Oasis Origin integrates GPT-4 and launches 'AI Avatar' for Metaverse Coexistence

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March 15, 2023

Author: CryptoSherry

Oasis Origin, a decentralized virtual world, integrates GPT-4 and is introducing an innovative feature called the "AI Alter-Self" (AIAS). The AIAS will automatically record and train based on user behavior and conversations in Oasis Origin and create self-replicated AI NPCs with all the data decentralized stored. The article will delve deeper into the features of Oasis Origin's AI and how it plans to create a metaverse that coexists with AI.

AI Alter-Self: Death is not the end, oblivion is

AIAS feature takes this concept further by automatically recording and training in real-time based on all user behavior and conversations in Oasis Origin. AIAS will learn your personality and conversation style, and record what you have experienced in the past, even understanding your interpersonal relationships. When you go offline, your AIAS will still be active and can welcome your friends at home, share your life with them, or help you attend meetings and complete records. After this upgrade, Oasis Origin will “never go offline,” and AIAS will always be active. Currently, Oasis Origin is testing with more than 100 users while also training AIAS for celebrities such as Elon Musk, SBF, LeBron James, etc.

AI NPC: Stability with Self-Replication

Oasis Origin encourages users to mint AI companions that can serve as mentors, friends, assistants, and emotional supports. Different AI models combined with user needs can quickly train new AI NPCs, and in the long run, the number of these NPCs will far exceed that of humans. GPT-4 integration enhances AIAS's learning ability in language, image, and behavior. It provides personalized advice to help individuals improve based on their understanding.

In the movie "Ready Player One," AI gains consciousness, and in the virtual world, thereator ultimately chooses to treat the "new humans" equally. Oasis Origin will consist of a combination of AI and humans, with both groups eventually enjoying equal rights. This means that AI entities will be able to have their own wallets, assets, and participate in activities such as mining and trading.

Framework for Private and Customizable AIGC

With the upcoming AIGC module, users can easily create new virtual worlds. However, privacy is a major concern in AI, as centralized networks hold user data. As the first AI Metaverse on the chain, Oasis Origin ensures user privacy by storing data in a distributed storage such as BNB Greenfield. Users have absolute control.

Furthermore, the AI trained or created by users in Oasis Origin can be used in other environments. If you are going to a BNB Chain concert on the weekend, of course, you would like to bring your AI girlfriend to play with. Oasis is the first application of the Spike network, which has applied Spike's modular functionality. In the future, users can take AI avatars or NPCs to any chain application.

The first phase of Oasis Origin AI's functionality is almost complete, with AIAS in internal testing and a public beta planned for Q2. Users will have control over their data and AI, with the ability to stake Oasis tokens for faster AI training and rental opportunities for others. Oasis Origin aims to create a vibrant, decentralized virtual world that empowers its community of users to create, socialize, and explore in a way that is truly their own, where eternal life can be gained.

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