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NFTGo is building the "Bloomberg of NFTs"

Cointime Staff· 3 min read

"When we first started building, our idea was to become the “Bloomberg of NFTs” by providing the fastest data." NFTGo claims on its first anniversary of launch.

NFTGo is an NFT data aggregator that enables users to study the NFT market. It uses a variety of analytical tools and features, such as NFT market trends and analytics, NFT search engine ranking, rarity, whale tracking, drops, and many others. These features aid users in discovering, acquiring, and assessing valuable NFT assets.According to Tony Ling, co-founder of NFTGo, the existence of large players in the non-fungible token market may evangelise newcomers but does not result in widespread acceptance or innovation.

The industry is challenged by expensive licence fees and a bad market, as evidenced by the recent 20 per cent staff layoff at OpenSea, so the mainstream presence in the field isn't considered a game changer. Tony said, "Key innovation must happen in the new centre, not some existing big unicorns."

September 23rd, 2022, has launched the NFTGo Developers API with Real-time NFT Analytics, a new tool that provides real-time, stable, and user-friendly NFT data access with rich data granularity for their communities, developers, project partners, and research institutions.The founding team of NFTGo believed that the NFT ecosystem was quite fragmented, with many individual tools having specific niches, such as rarity scores or drop calendars. A smooth NFT journey should not require looking up data from multiple tools, so they decided to build a complete all-in-one NFT solution to provide the most accessible data in the ecosystem.

Since the launch of the data aggregator platform in Aug 2021, NFTGo has grown to over 70 team members from over 10 countries, launched over 20 NFT tools and features, with over 3.7M visitors having used the platform, and over 100 partners in the Web3 space.

Product Achievements

The beta version of data aggregator platform was released in Aug 2021.

· Fundamental NFT analytics features: Rarity Model, Rankings & Leaderboard, Whale Tracking, Portfolio Analysis, and Marketplace Ranking

· NFT tracking functions: Drops Page, Watchlist, and Top Mints

· Advance metrics and data quality: Blue-chip Index, Market Sentiment, Wash Trading Filter, and Real-time Listing Data

· Intuitive tools for NFT ecosystem: Discord Bot and a Data API for NFT data analysis

· Community-focused enhancement: Multilingual support with English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Spanish

· Research Capability: Research Blog

· Web2 to Web3 Gateway: Twitter & Mirror integration

About is an NFT data aggregation platform that enables our community to analyze NFT market data and make transactions in one place. offers a wide range of powerful tools and features, including NFT market trends, analytics, real-time listings, rarity, whale tracking, watchlist, drop calendar, as well as many more tools to help our community discover, purchase, and evaluate NFT assets. aims to be the gateway into the NFT ecosystem and takes pride in making Web3 data accessible to the masses. Empowered by a high-performing data acquisition engine, delivers real-time on-chain data and professional market insights to create a seamless experience for everyone who joins the ecosystem.

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