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Neutron Launches The First Testnet

Stakeflow· 2 min read

Developers of Neutron are launching Quark testnet on the 9 of November. Our team takes part, and here is some overall information about the Neutron project.


Neutron is a smart-contract platform secured by Cosmos Hub. That means that it will be one of the first users of the Interchain Security system announced in Atom 2.0.

The project is powered by the P2P team.

It will be a secure, well-connected with CosmWasm hub.

Smart contracts can be written in Rust, AssemblyScript, and other coding languages to run on Cosmos blockchains.

The Neutron mainnet will be protected by 175 validators of Cosmos Hub and 186M staked Atom with Interchain Security protocol.

The validators will be rewarded for node operations with additional native tokens and sanctioned if they fail to validate.

Neutron will be a permissionless platform where anyone can deploy regardless of the worth of a project with the same condition for everyone.

Roadmap’s breakdown

It seems that everything will be very dynamic in a very short period:

September 19th — Oak Security Audit completed.

November 9th — Quark testnet launching. WE ARE HERE!

Q4 2022 — Audit Report and Codebase Upgrade.

Q4 2022 — Hadron Testnet. Hadron will be stable enough for developers to start building and testing Interchain-Enabled smart-contracts.

Q4.22/Q1.23 — Baryon Testnet. Interchain Secured, Full Featured, Baryon will be the final stepping stone to Neutron’s mainnet.

January 2023 — Community Onboarding.

Q1 2023 — Neutron Mainnet.

More information about the oncoming Quark testnet

The main goal is to identify bugs and continue hardening the codebase.

Quark will not be running Interchain Security: as a result, any validator can volunteer to participate.

The period of the testnet is approximately 3 weeks from the 7th of November to late November.

Additional Tasks for those who would like to contribute further will be provided. Or you could come up with your ideas — the developer team is open to contributions.

POSTHUMAN TEAM will be assisting with moderation, technical support, and communications throughout the testnet period.

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