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Nammu21 Raises Series A to Bring Digitization to $5 Trillion Syndicated Lending Market

Cointime Staff· 3 min read

Nammu21, the Company building an integrated platform that deconstructs loan documents, classifying and extracting core terms and provisions into analyzable, interoperable digital data, is proud to announce its $5 million Series A financing.

Nammu21 has developed a proprietary NLP system to transform the business and operations of the $5 trillion syndicated loan market which today, is built upon stacks of complex opaque legal documents, human-driven processes and multiple duplicative and disconnected data entry systems. Despite the size of the asset class, this market has been challenging to digitize, with syndicated loans managed manually from origination through execution, servicing and trading.

Nammu21 is working with several leading financial institutions and will use the funds to continue developing its NLP data and workflow solutions, which dynamically expose critical data elements and relational data embedded in complex high-value syndicated loans.

The Company uses its technology to provide instant insight and access into loan agreements at a speed and granularity never before possible. This transforms review and analysis time and creates considerable operational efficiencies across the loan lifecycle. In addition, the exposed data patterns across loans have the potential to create new value, including the productization of loan data.

Founded by Someera Khokhar, a lawyer with 25 years of experience in private credit, Nammu21 organizes, classifies and maps connected loan provisions into interoperable, harmonized digital data, using its proprietary digital identifiers, which are both human and machine readable.

One area that is particularly exciting to Nammu21 is blockchain-based lending.

Digital loan data is the essential bridge between the traditional loan markets and the growing on-chain markets. The value and benefits of public ledger technologies will accelerate market innovations across transaction workflows in syndicated finance, including the development of new on-chain asset classes.

The Series A financing was led by XBTO Humla Ventures, with participation from CoinShares, Circle Ventures, and others. Existing investors include Citi, Galaxy, and several senior executives across the syndicated loan industry, all who recognize the transformative potential of Nammu21.

About Nammu21

Nammu21 is dynamically unlocking, classifying, digitizing and converting static data buried in complex syndicated loan agreements into interoperable, harmonized machine-readable digital identifiers creating workflow and data solutions for the analogue market of today and developing programmatic credit instruments and data driven securities tradeable on chain for the markets of tomorrow.

About Someera Khokhar (CEO & Founder)

Someera Khokhar is a 25-year veteran of the syndicated loan industry. She was formerly a senior partner at White & Case, the leading international law firm, where she served in multiple elected and appointed global leadership roles, including the firm's Partnership Committee and leading its Energy, Infrastructure and Finance Americas practice. She founded Nammu21 after realizing the critical need for innovation and digitization across the private credit markets.

About XBTO Humla Ventures

XBTO Ventures invests in world-class entrepreneurs transforming markets and ecosystems, with a focus on finance, artificial intelligence, and Crypto-finance. XBTO Ventures invests in early-stage companies transforming the financial ecosystem. Through strong partnerships, community, and co-investor networks, XBTO Ventures provide both capital and guidance with the goal of helping founders build a better financial system.

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