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MT Tower Closed Final Seed Round, Having Raised $3 million

Cointime Staff· 2 min read

The team also raised $400,000 in the first seed round and $600,000 in the second, bringing MT Towers' total raise to $4 million

Press Release November 4, 2022

Tallinn, Estonia: MT Tower, a metaverse project aiming to bridge the gap between current Web2 social media platforms and the Web3 metaverse space, closed its final seed round, having raised $3 million.

The team also raised $400,000 in the first seed round and $600,000 in the second, bringing MT Towers' total raise to $4 million.

The project aims to use the funding within critical areas including expanding technical resources, starting to push its marketing further as well as listing on quality exchanges.

Led by an experienced team of entrepreneurs and experts within relevant fields including gaming and blockchain. MT Tower is a web3.0 & metaverse project that recognizes the need to transition social media platforms into virtual space as the popularity of VR/AR technology rapidly grows. Built on the Polygon blockchain, one of the fastest and most sustainable blockchains today, MT Tower aims to create a rapidly growing ecosystem to host social interactions, interact with brands and influencers, and create the persona that users feel defines them the best.

"The team and I are incredibly proud of what we have accomplished so far with our funding rounds. Taking the current systems we use for social media a step further, using Web3 and metaverse tech is what we envision the future of social media to be, and we're aiming to do precisely that. Eventually, users will want to broaden the social media experience into AR/VR space. We're excited about the plans we have for our project in the coming months and can't wait to show the world the potential of MT Tower!" said Igor Łukasik, Founder & CEO

The team also announced that the native utility token, MT Token, will be listed on two top-tier exchanges in the coming months. MT Token will first be available on November 18 and then plans with another listing on December 2. Following that, MT Tower will continue announcing other listings and announcements on their social media channels.

About MT Tower:

MT Tower is a lifestyle and gaming platform that allows people to make new social connections, meet brands and create their world, sharing it outside and inside. With comprehensive customization tools, users will drive their creativity beyond what is possible in the real world.

Using content generated in MT Tower, they will run life as Virtual Influencers on all social media platforms.

MEDIA contact:

Gérard Al-Fil, PR Manager, LUNA PR, Dubai

[email protected]

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