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JUMBO Raised $3.5 Million in Fundraising Round

Jumbo Protocol· 2 min read

JUMBO Exchange started its development at the end of 2021 and has already become one of the foremost DEXs on NEAR. Yes, that’s right, in less than a year!

Our goal remains to be the most intuitive DeFi experience you will ever have. To that end, we are attracting new and new investments as we develop the product.

Meet our Partners, VCs, Advisers and Friends!

With the long journey ahead, we are grateful for the support from numerous VCs that share our vision and facilitate the support for the NEAR ecosystem as a whole!

Leading Investors: Pantera Capital, Huobi Ventures

D21 Ventures, Big Brain Holdings, Dweb3 Capital, Fundamental Labs, MetaWeb.

Thanks to the trust of investors, we are able to continue building and delivering a user-friendly exchange that meets the demands of the market and is rapidly developing, keeping pace with the NEAR ecosystem.

NEAR ecosystem is still in its infancy and we at JUMBO will do everything we can to propel NEAR into masses by allowing people an easy gateway to the NEAR space!

The first steps are always the most difficult but thanks to our partners we are on the path to conquering them with ease!


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