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ILLA:A low-code platform to accelerate the internal tools development

Cointime Staff· 3 min read

Longbo Chen the CEO of ILLA said:"

We want to deploy some next-gen features, like real-time corporation and cloud service, to build an evolutionary tool, so that people can work more effectively."

ILLA is a low-code platform that lets developers build internal tools in minutes, and spend less time on website design and integrations.ILLA just raised millions of dollars from Source Code Capital and Hillhouse Capital . ILLA will have another round of financing in the future.

ILLA realized one huge issue during development, operation and marketing teams need a tool to monitor data. It's a very tedious job for developers. Therefore, they decided to build a low-code open-source tool to solve this. Users can even customize their own "block" in ILLA’s product and sell it in the marketplace.

ILLA is an open-source tool that can support both web2 and web3 companies. ILLA won't issue any currency in the future, but we are going to provide two ways to deploy. Developers can use the ILLA Cloud to quickly start building their apps on any device for a very low price. Cloud service will be up online in late 2022. They also provide ILLA CLI for free with better security to ensure data safety.

ILLA’s team members are open-source enthusiasts, and so is their strategy to pivot with Open Source communities, projects, and contributors. Since LongBo believes open source is a great way to pass knowledge to the next generation, all open-source projects are welcome to collaborate with ILLA. 

ILLA supports many other open-source projects, such as PingCAP and MindsDB, in their “Action” features. APIs support is another critical feature of ILLA. Integrating third-party APIs smoothly into ILLA’s “component” can improve the user experience significantly. 

ILLA is going to announce its latest version1.3.0 in Nov 2022. By then, ILLA will become more vital than ever thru implementing new features like inserting tables, charts, and containers. It gives users more potential and choices during the tool building.

ILLA have become a partner with Amazon AWS and they are intending to cooperate with Google cloud and Mindsdb. ILLA is also a participant of Hacktoberfest 2022.

ILLA want to reach out to more Web3 companies and DAOs. ILLA can provide cloud services to them to quickly start building their websites or apps at a relatively low cost. ILLA is looking forward to corporate more open-source projects to build a better ecosystem.

CEO Longbo Chen:

Experienced Google and Jetbrains Open Source Evangelists, Hosted open-source evangel speeches multiple times. Having rich experience in 0-to-1 product development. The first Engineer of Tiktok and the youngest team leader at Kuaishou.

Contact information :  [email protected]

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