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GameStop NFT Is Bringing Web3 Gaming Collections to The Masses With ImmutableX

Cointime Staff· 1 min read

GameStop NFT and ImmutableX are calling on builders and creators to power the future of NFTs and Web3 gaming. ImmutableX is a leading layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution that is coming soon to the GameStop NFT marketplace. ImmutableX is bringing world-class gaming assets to the GameStop NFT marketplace and offers 100% gas free and carbon neutral minting and trading to users.

The scope of the IMX Grants Program is dependent on the partner, and may include funding, feedback on delivered milestones, potential partner introductions, limited technical support, and/or marketing and design support.

They are empowering studios, developers, publishers and content creators with IMX Grants. Apply to join their $100M IMX Grant Program.The types of projects they’re supporting include:

1、Metaverses attached to established brand partners and content creators

2、Game developers with launched games and incredible traction

3、AAA studios/publishers looking to launch NFTs with their IP

4、Prominent content producers and artists launching their next collection

5、eSports companies and leading players entering the space

6、Leading brands open to exploring the NFT market

7、Influencers and celebrities seeking to become ambassadors for our platform

8、New technologies that may benefit our platform or ecosystem

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