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Ethereum Co-Founder Di Iorio Unveils New Project to Bring Blockchain Computers to A Wider Audience

Cointime Staff· 1 min read

Anthony Di Iorio, the co-founder of Ethereum, Decentral and Jaxx Liberty, unveiled a project he says he’s envisioned, designed and built over the span of a decade. The project, dubbed Andiami, blends game theory with cutting-edge hardware, to bring blockchain computers to a wider audience.

Andiami: The Quest for Liberty will complement today’s leading decentralized technology projects such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. This will be accomplished through the introduction of new custom hardware and products, robust and scalable infrastructure, new protocols, and a unique model for incentivizing ecosystem contributors.

“The decentralized movement is at a pivotal point it its evolution. Challenges like the ongoing centralization of decentralized infrastructure and the persistence of Web2 business models are hindering the realization of a user-controlled internet, which some call Web3, “ says Anthony Di Iorio. “For ten years, me and my team have been building the infrastructure, tools, and frameworks to support individual empowerment while strengthening the resiliency of decentralized networks. Andiami is the result, and we’re excited to announce it to the world on November 7.”

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