Cointime Demo Day, an Investment and Startups Roadshow Focusing on Serving Web3 Builders,Officially Debuted

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On the last day of January 2023, Cointime Demo Day will officially debut through Twitter Space in the face of a wave of bull market rejuvenation.

Cointime is an investment and financing information comprehensive service platform focusing on serving Web3 Builders, which was launched last year. From January 1, 2023, the Cointime Web3 Builder Hub Daily column will be officially launched. This column will interview a Web3 Builder every day in the form of Twitter Space. Its vision is to introduce Asian Web3 projects to the global Crypto market, 365 days a week. As the column continues, Cointime finds that Web3 start-ups are affected by the bear market and find it difficult to raise funds. Therefore, Cointime decided to hold Cointime Demo Day, a weekly investment and financing roadshow salon, aiming to allow start-up projects to have an open channel to contact VCs and show projects to Web3 natives. The whole process will be held in Cointime Twitter Space.

The first Cointime Demo Day has a strong lineup of investor mentors, they come from: Inno Angel Fund (@samge886), (@ronghe7), SF Capital, Leap Capital, Web3Vision, Web3 Jewish (@zchrhrhr), Glock Ventures, BAI Capital, Hedgue Crypto Research, SCGC Capital, Mandala ventures, Initiate Capital, B3D, Viva Capital (@xiaojinglei), 7UpDAO, CryptoAllocators Capital, Avant Blockchain Capital, TsingTing Capital, MetaStone.Group. At the same time, Cointime also invited KOL observers, they are: @gokunocool, Web3 innovation pioneer & map protocol core developer @Jmapprotocol, Thomas Yao @ghosTM55 (founder of GitCafe, China's first distributed code hosting system, and now co-founder of Desert Tech, whose first project is BeWater, an open innovation platform in cooperation with ABCDE .xyz), 0xNiuNiu @DrcDAO (crypto market speculator, former Huobi researcher). These guests will comment and make suggestions during the project roadshow, and will also offer olive branches to projects that meet their institutional investment requirements.

The project information for Cointime Demo Day's first roadshow is as follows:

1、Project name: Catastrophy

Project: NFT, developer services

Founder: @pallastintin

Stage: Pre-A

Introduction: CATASTROPHY is similar to a combination of PFP and Pass card. CATASTROPHY uses PFP NFT as DID, so that NFT has the function of cross-chain and cross-application membership pass, which is the officially announced MultiPass. It can help WEB3 BUIDLers easily obtain senior members of multiple tools required for product development and management scenarios, which can not only improve product iteration efficiency, but also greatly reduce production costs.

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2、Project name: ChiChaPay

Project :Encrypted payment

Founders: @dawei_chicha, @Romeo__eth

Stage: Pre-A

ChiChaPay is an integrated "Pay-to-Earn "payment that seamlessly connects the fiat and cryptocurrency economies for consumers, merchants, developers and institutions worldwide. Is a learning-to-earn Dapp that can acquire, Earn, and own a share of cryptocurrency through the gamification of a merchant's experience. Is an Sbt-based infrastructure for managing cryptocurrencies, credential data, and decentralized ids.

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3、Project name: SafeTreasury

Project: Web3 Finance

Founder: @0xWatashi

Stage: Pre-Seed

Safe Treasury is committed to building a Web3 enterprise banking and financial management platform that provides free, unmanaged, and secure services. Users can fully manage all assets in the chain, while obtaining real-time financial health data and statements. also provides a more transparent and efficient financial disclosure solution for DAO asset transparency and community governance.

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4、Project name: Nextme

Track: SocialFi

Founder: @PaulNext

Stage: Seed round

Introduction: Nextme is an exquisite and efficient Web3 social scene portal service provider. In the establishment of a high-quality UGC community with decentralized protocol settlement benefits, it opens the DID SBT & Social Data protocol, so that social data rights belong to all holders, and platform traffic Advertising and portrait revenue will be returned to all active individuals in the form of decentralized agreement settlement.

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Time: 20:30, January 31, 2023, Beijing time

Link: Cointime Twitter Space

Contact: Wechat laoyapi

Note: Every listener can get a copy of the exquisite digital assets of DeBox, a strategic partner of Cointime

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