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Optimism $OP Blockchain Analysis

L2 Ethereum blockchain Optimism is trending. In this analysis, I take a look at recent price performance and important network stats.

BitiCodes Review - Scam or Legitimate Trading Software

BitiCodes claims to offer its trading platform to those looking to enter the digital assets space. The BitiCodes website states that one can sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and other popular cryptos. Our BitiCodes review will analyze the available features, payment methods, available tokens, and pros and cons of BitiCodes in this review.

TripleLab: The All-in-one Web3 Development Platform from Web to Storage

TripleLab: One-stop Decentralized Development Platform

Cointime Demo Day, an Investment and Startups Roadshow Focusing on Serving Web3 Builders,Officially Debuted

On the last day of January 2023, Cointime Demo Day will officially debut through Twitter Space in the face of a wave of bull market rejuvenation.

Grants&Hackathons for DoraHackers

DoraHacks is a global hackathon organizer and one of the world's most active multi-chain developer communities. Committed to a global hacker movement with around 20K global monthly active users, it provides crypto-native toolkits to help BUIDLers get funded for their ideas and products.

Federal Reserve Board Issues Policy Statement to Promote a Level Playing Field for All Banks With a Federal Supervisor, Regardless of Deposit Insurance Status

Banks supervised by the Board will be subject to the same limitations on activities, including novel banking activities, such as crypto-asset-related activities.

Jelly eSports Owner Co-Founds Crypto Casino Gambulls

Gambulls is a new cryptocurrency casino and gambling platform welcoming all players. New players can access a cashback bonus of up to 50% on their first deposit.

WB-Mining Revolutionizes Entertainment Industry With Its Investment Gameplay

Creating games that replicate real-life scenarios has not only become a desire but, a necessity in the crypto space. The race to be on the top and unique at the same time has motivated a lot many blockchain platforms to introduce games offering stand-out features.

Era7:Blending the Strengths of DeFi and NFT Into One GameFi Ecosystem

In the past six months, the number of new users and active users of Era7 ranked first among games in the BNB Chain, including nearly 30,000 daily active users, which is quite considerable in the field of GameFi.

Budgeting for NFT Projects With Influencer Marketing Assistance Via On-Chain Affiliate Marketing

How to budget for your NFT project while considering affiliate marketing via influencers.