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Casper Association Launches New $25M Casper Accelerate Grant Program

Casper Association· 2 min read

Today, at the opening of NBX Berlin, the Casper Association announced the launch of its new Casper Accelerate Grant Program. This exciting program has been launched to support developers and innovators building on the powerful Casper public blockchain worldwide. The multi-year grant program will provide funding to projects building apps to support infrastructure, end-user applications, and research innovation on the Casper blockchain.

In line with the program's purpose, one of the key criteria in the selection process will be the positive impact projects will have on the wider Casper community and the Casper ecosystem in general. The quality of the submission, technical or academic strength of the proposal, opportunity for growth, experience level and commitment as well as the track record of the team submitting the projects will also be taken into consideration during the selection process. For all criteria, powering the growth of the public Casper network will be the overarching goal.

In support of this grant program, the Casper Association has also kicked off the creation of a new and innovative Casper Developer Portal. The Portal is being built to support Casper developers and innovators as they seek to educate themselves on the tools and code that will best help them achieve their goals. The new Casper Developer Portal will be live in Q1 2023.

"We are thrilled to announce the Casper Accelerate Grant Program, which has been carefully designed to support innovation and decentralized businesses that help to grow the Casper ecosystem," said Ralf Kubli, Board Director at the Casper Association. "We believe that a higher performance, upgradeable public blockchain with an innovative WASM-based development approach is fundamental to delivering on the vision of the new digital-first, global economy that will be built on blockchains. As part of its vision, Casper Association is committed to both enabling a broad and active Casper development community, and to supporting that community to explore the opportunities for innovation that exist within the Casper blockchain ecosystem."

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