BTCMining NFT: NFT Connection Mining, Virtual Reality

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Even though DeFi is constantly innovating and developing, in the past two years, with the sharp fluctuations in asset prices on the chain, people still inevitably have a feeling of staying away from DeFi. Coupled with the attack of the bear market, the trading volume of the DeFi market will inevitably drop sharply, and at the same time, TVL has also been severely impacted.

At the same time, the threshold of DeFi itself is relatively high, which is not friendly enough for ordinary users. For example, farming in DeFi requires setting slippage coefficients, forming LPs, staking, understanding free losses, etc., and in order to obtain high APY returns, it takes a lot of time to research and find new liquidity pools. In this process, users also have to face many potential risks, such as mine disasters caused by large households, project parties running away, and high operational risk factors on the chain.

Under such circumstances, the DeFi market undoubtedly urgently needs valuable on-chain assets as value support to reawaken people's confidence.

For most DeFi protocols, investors can only earn income based on on-chain activities. Recently, a new source of real yield (Real Yield) is gradually emerging, which is Real World Assets (RWA) that exist under the chain. For this kind of asset, it can be brought to the chain through tokenization (Tokenization) as another source of income for the DeFi ecosystem.

RWAs can represent many different types of traditional assets such as commercial real estate, bonds, cars, and just about any asset that stores value that can be tokenized. Since the early days of blockchain technology, market players have been looking to bring RWA on-chain. Traditional TradFi institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Hamilton Lane, Siemens, and KKR have all announced that they are working to put their real-world assets on the chain. Additionally, crypto-native DeFi protocols such as MakerDAO and Aave are being adjusted to be compatible with RWA.

From a macro perspective, the potential impact of RWA’s on-chain entry on the DeFi market is almost transformative.

On the one hand, RWA can provide the DeFi market with sustainable, rich types of real yields backed by traditional assets. On the other hand, RWA can bridge the decentralized financial system and the traditional financial system for DeFi, which means that RWA can introduce massive liquidity and broad market opportunities in the traditional financial market in addition to the virtual asset market for the DeFi market and great value capture. Therefore, if DeFi wants to have an impact on the way traditional finance works, the introduction and implementation of RWA is undoubtedly crucial.

BTCMining NFT: NFT Connection Mining, Virtual Reality

BTCMining NFT is a brand-new DeFi solution generated under the above-mentioned background. It enables users to invest in Bitcoin mining activities at low cost and with a weak threshold through NFT built on the basis of computing power.

BTCMining NFT uses the NFT-F protocol to introduce actual assets into the Web3 context through Oracle and NFT technology, realizing the entire process of Bitcoin mining investment, including the pre-sale period, observation period, delivery period and smart contract end period.

The smart contract will automatically carry out capital settlement and mining income output delivery according to the Oracle status. This ensures an open and transparent settlement process and eliminates the possibility of misappropriation of funds, allowing NFT holders to earn the same return on investment that actual miners enjoy in mining.

At the same time, BTCMining NFT is supported by actual mining farms. Based on real computing power, it gives everyone the computing power to mine Bitcoin. According to official information, it is expected to provide three years of BTC hash power benefits.

Compared with buying expensive bitcoin mining machines, BTCMiningNFT can participate in bitcoin mining at a lower cost, making it easier for individuals or small businesses to enter the bitcoin mining field.

At the same time, BTCMiningNFT holders do not need to worry about the maintenance and repair costs of physical mining hardware, saving time and money costs.

In addition, BTCMiningNFT is very flexible, can easily buy and sell hash rate according to market conditions, and supports NFT hash rate renaming, transfer and gift functions. No technical knowledge or expertise is required to operate BTCMiningNFT, even novices can participate in Bitcoin mining.

Product Advantages

1. Lower upfront costs

Compared with purchasing physical BTC mining machines, BTCMining NFT has a lower cost, which allows individuals or small businesses without funds to invest in expensive mining hardware to participate in mining with a low threshold.

2. No maintenance or repair costs

Holders of BTCMining NFTs will not have to worry about maintenance or repair costs associated with physical mining hardware, saving time and money.

3. Flexibility

BTCMining NFT can be easily transferred without intermediaries such as auction houses or brokers, and the transfer record of ownership will also be recorded on the blockchain. At the same time, users can also adjust the mining power of their NFT according to market conditions, and even rename, transfer or gift the computing power to others.

4. No technical knowledge required

Operating BTCMining NFT does not require any technical knowledge or expertise, which makes it easier for novices to participate.

5. Shared ownership

BTCMining NFT can be divided into smaller parts, allowing investors to invest in a new way of sharing ownership.

6. Traceability, security, and transparency

BTCMining NFT has all the characteristics of the blockchain: decentralization, non-tampering, transparency, data integrity, high efficiency and cost reduction, encryption security. These features ensure the traceability, security and transparency of BTCMining NFT, making Bitcoin's computing power more open and fair.

NFT Holder Income

As holders of BTCMining NFT, users can obtain the hash rate and free rack space of the S19 XP mining machine valid for three years, which are expected to bring about 35% annualized income. The BTCMining NFT team will charge 15% of the mining income as a maintenance fee.

In addition, holders gain access to a range of privileges such as access to exclusive areas of the online community, daily rewards claimable, access perks, freebies, exclusive airdrops, events and experiences, and more.

BTCMining World members also have the opportunity to receive permanent exclusive airdrops as well as future IRL events (party, exhibition, music festival, etc.) and more.

After the expiration of the three-year validity period, BTCMining NFT can also be used as an NFT-F community PASS card, and supports transactions on major exchanges.


BTCMining NFT is an innovative, efficient, secure and transparent digital asset, which is committed to giving back the computing power of Bitcoin to everyone. It has solved almost all the problems that NFT of RWAs can solve, and it is more transparent.

With the continuous development and innovation of the DeFi market, BTCMining NFT, a solution to build NFT based on computing power, will become one of the important components of the DeFi market. In the future, with the gradual on-chain of RWA, BTCMining NFT is expected to play a more important role in the DeFi market, and as one of the models of actual asset tokenization, it will also provide experience and reference for other similar projects. At the same time, the emergence of BTCMining NFT also indicates that the innovative forms of the DeFi market in the future will be more diversified and personalized, and investors will have more choices and opportunities to participate in it.


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