Lincoln Townley, One of the First Artists to Embrace Crypto, Wants to Reshape Art Market with Blockchain


Three months before, VICE Canada published a video on Twitter, introducing an artist from London, who is one of the first artists in the whole world to accept Bitcoin as payment. His name is Lincoln Townley.

 Lincoln Townley

Lincoln Townley is the British rising contemporary art star. In October 2018, Lincoln released a new cryptocurrency-inspired collection. And the series were so popular that it sold out instantly after the release thorough social media. In the video, Lincoln said to the camera, “ When I'm sketching out those pieces, it's got a very sinewy-type, aggressive nature in the figurative works.” He thinks that people who are interested in Bitcoin are risk-taking people.

“ They are optimistic, they are pushing out there, they are looking. It's a very unusual type of person, even if there is a gamble involved in this. That is the sort of person I'm interested in. ”

Luckily, CoinTime got the chance to interview Lincoln Twonley recently, and learned more about his adventure in crypto world.

Growing Wildly

          Riding the Blockchain by Lincoln Townley 

Actually Lincoln himself has a lot in common with the people in crypto world. Before turning to art as a career in his 40's, Townley was a celebrity publicist and PR manager.

Being a self-taught artist, he is determined to explore the darker side of the human personality, painting abstract portraits for people, including the most famous celebrities.

Besides that, he is also famous for reshaping the art market, by selling his work directly with social media instead of art agent.

In 2018, He has made headlines after selling an entire collection of work for cryptocurrency using Wechat.

He stated in an interview to : “I'm always looking at ways to do things differently in my route to market.”

“The best thing is it fuels my belief that galleries are secondary to an artist’s success – they just need to look at galleries as another string to their bow. There are so many other ways to get sales with technology,” Mr. Townley added.

On his personal website, it is wrote as follows,

“Persistence in the face of uncertainty is what defines Lincoln Townley.  He is the quintessential outsider, the challenger, who came from nowhere to rock the art world to its foundations.

Repeatedly rejected by the more conservative art establishment, Townley was forced to create his own art market. To the surprise of those who stood in his way, he achieved it. His astonishing success against all odds is a story of relentless determination, a refusal to accept rejection and an ability to break through every barrier in his path. Above all, it's a story of dedication and risk that challenges artists everywhere to obliterate the word 'No'from their vocabulary.

Leading global art collectors, powerful entrepreneurs and major, iconic stars invest in Townley's work.”

First touch with Bitcoin

Crypto Gambler by Lincoln Townley

Back to 2014, Lincoln's friends in Los Angeles started to buy Bitcoin, and Lincoln started to know about the coin for the first time. But he didn't think for one minute taking the cryptocurrency for his art.

In 2017, Lincoln got approached by a group of financiers from Malta on a show. The financiers were seeking to buy Lincoln's works with Bitcoin.

By which time, Bitcoin's price was riding on the rocket, going up all year long until reaching its high point-nearly 20,000 USD.

Lincoln and his team found that it was quite a good deal, and he learned to exchange the cryptocurrency into fiat currency through digital wallet and crypto exchanges.

From there, Lincoln started his fascinated journey in crypto world by accepting cryptocurrency as payment for his works.

Even in 2018, with cryptocurrency price going down, Lincoln continued to accept Bitcoin as one of payment methods to buy his works.

“I have many collectors who pay me in a number of different cryptocurrencies and yes Bitcoin is the most trusted by us. It's important to look at other ways to get collectors of my works and by embracing crypto, this has opened up a new market of sophisticated investors. I'm very much interested in people who push boundaries and step into the unknown with gusto.”

Reshaping art market with blockchain

Bitcoin Banker by Lincoln Townley

As a radical artist, Lincoln sees the huge potential in crypto world and believes in it. He is determined to combine online art selling market and blockchain. He calls it Artcoin plan.

“The future of art sales and marketing will be online and through augmented reality, digital technologies and direct marketing through social media. I will open new doors and show artists that gallery spaces and the old school of art are a thing of the past.”

In 2019, Lincoln will introduce a token into the market which would assist artists and give them a new platform for sales growth. He said,

“ This cryptocurrency revolution hasn't even started, we have only scratched the surface so much so that  there's hardly a scratch! Blockchain technology will redesign the way art is audited and sold and I intend to play a huge part in this 'art world upgrade'.”

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