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Bitizen Partners with Bitstack—A Professional Infrastructure and On-Chain Data Provider in Web3

Bitizen Wallet· 2 min read

Bitizen wallet is thrilled to announce partnership with Bitstack — a professional Infrastructure and On-chain Data provider in Web3.

Bitizen will integrate Bitstack’s services such as Bitstack API Hub for fast access and scaling new applications in Web3 and use PoScan as a comprehensive data analysis and display platform for checking PoS staking rewards and validator across 200+ protocols, as well as AlertScan monitor for tracking data changes.

About Bitstak

BitStack is committed to becoming the world’s leading professional Web3 blockchain infrastructure and On-chain data service provider. Providing safe, reliable and stable service and technical support for global cryptocurrency Exchanges, Institutions and High-net worth individuals.

About Bitizen Web3 wallet

Bitizen is a new generation MPC-based Web3 wallet with no private keys and no seed phrases, designed for the new wave of Web2. Bitizen provides the highest level of security while staying simple and easy to use. Other notable features are full privacy-safety, censorship-resistance and multi-chain compatibility.

Bitizen has implemented top-notch cryptographic Secure MPC protocols that efficiently remove single points of failure present in all traditional wallets — private keys and seed phrases.

Bitizen wallet is able to integrate with any existing or future DApp on any blockchain via SDKs within a few minutes, and make them accessible in the built-in Web3 Touch(™) Browser and DApp Pass.

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