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Bitizen: a new generation keyless and seedless Web3 Wallet

Cointime Staff· 3 min read

Mr. Winson Liu, the CEO of Bitizen Wallet, who has launched a very promising product which recently entered the public crypto space.Bitizen is a new generation keyless and seedless Web3 Wallet, based on cryptographic SMPC technology. They just started a round of angel investment, many funds have shown a big interest, they are looking for strategic partners as well.

The SMPC technology stands for Secure Multi-party computation, their cryptographic protocols completely remove private keys, replacing them with independent and encrypted key shares, that are being generated and stored by different parties on separate devices.

Signing a transaction uses another MPC signature generation protocol, where those parties cooperate to compute a transaction signature. At any moment, the private key does not exist, this is why they call Bitizen a keyless wallet; besides they also replace seed phrase with Bitizen 3FA backup and recovery solution, making Bitizen a seedless wallet.

There are only a few MPC wallets that exist on the market; however, Bitizen Wallet believe that traditional wallets are both risky and hard to use for a common Web2 user, so Bitizen as the MPC-based solution may become a benchmark in Web3 space. Asymmetric cryptography (private-public keys) and seed phrases introduced in the BIP39 proposal have existed for nine years since 2013, and they see growing interest for more technologically advanced cryptographic solutions.

They also focused on promoting MPC technology at Bitizen – they will be present at the coming Busan Blockchain Week in South Korea, and speak at MetaExpo Singapore at the end of November. They also work with some major media companies educating the crypto community on MPC technology.About the tokens, they have such a plan in the future, they will announce it later.

Their product is a mobile app, it is complete and ready to use; it can be downloaded in AppStore or Google Play. These days they are going through a security audit by SlowMist, one of the industry leaders with rich technical expertise; meanwhile they are constantly adding more blockchains, so their users can enjoy all-in-one wallet.

They are also polishing their own built-in Web3 Touch ™ Browser and DEX aggregator, so users can navigate Web3 Universe and seamlessly swap any tokens on any chains. On the business side, they are connecting with many Web3 Dapps to integrate via our SDKs. 

Just a few days ago they integrated mainnet for Chainlink Price Feeds on Polygon (MATIC) blockchain, they will expand their cooperation to other blockchains to display accurate asset value within the Bitizen wallet; they also welcome any partners, including DeFi, GameFi, SocialFi, NFT projects, basically, any chains and Dapps, to build better Web3 together. They can help them with fast and easy user onboarding, there is also a great chance to promote them through our built-in Web3 Touch ™ Browser.

Implementing MPC technology is a very new and a very important step forward for the whole crypto industry, yet the technology itself is not very familiar for the general public. Bitizen's ultimate goal is to let users be independent owners of their digital assets, and to provide them an easy, safe and enjoyable access to the Web3 Universe.


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