BIBI: The goal is MemeCoin's King of the Sky

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Recently, due to the skyrocketing of PEPE and the surge of many BRC-20 MemeCoins, the new season of MemeCoin boom is sweeping again. Compared with the previous dog flying all over the sky, this season's MemeCoin has added many different colors-the frog has become the dominant narrative. This can't help but make people lament the vigorous vitality of MemeCoin again.

Under this upsurge, a large amount of hot money has gradually poured into the MemeCoin market, and many new MemeCoins have sprung up like mushrooms after rain. In this context, which MemeCoin can take over PEPE and become a market leader?

Today we are going to introduce a MemeCoin that has recently become popular on the BSC chain - BIBI.

BIBI: The goal is MemeCoin's King of the Sky

Due to the MemeCoin craze brought about by PEPE, on May 17, 2023, a space discussion on the possibility of launching its own MemeCoin was launched on Chinese Twitter. The results of this discussion show that people hope that a decentralized MemeCoin can emerge, rather than a MemeCoin that only benefits a few project parties.

In the end, zhouyongyou from Taiwan voluntarily stood up to help issue tokens to complete the contract, and sent 100% of the tokens to the liquidity pool. The LP tokens were destroyed and the contract was abandoned. This means that this is a token that is not controlled by the project party, and the development of the project will be fully operated by the community.

After confirming the fairness of the token, people began to fully carry out the development planning of the project. Therefore, in just one day, the community completed the division of labor, and established independent organizations such as Telegram group, Twitter group, and DC community within a dozen hours.

BIBI, the MemeCoin project from the large-scale social experiment of Web3, started his journey here.

The first SPACE also decided that BIBI's mascot changed from the original frog to the current phoenix through online voting.

From BIBI's point of view, the MemeCoin circle already has Doge Shiba Inu on land and pepe frog in water, and the MemeCoin king in the air will be BIBI Phoenix.

Since it is a temporary community, BIBI relies on voluntary volunteers to initiate and organize activities, so it was not smooth in the early stage. There was even a problem of being unable to control the rhythm, which made the online content counterproductive, and this also caused a lot of selling pressure on the currency price. But the BIBI team quickly accepted others' suggestions and immediately improved its deficiencies.

As the popularity of BIBI continues to ferment on Twitter, more and more people are beginning to realize that BIBI is an ownerless currency with no project party and join in.

At the same time, there are also many non-profit volunteers who have organized graphic groups, marketing groups, operation groups and other organizations to efficiently complete the tasks of setting up the official website, listing on the exchange, and applying for double C.

After two days of accumulation, the MEME effect of BIBI began to spread in various communities in the Chinese community. BI friends began to spread viral marketing in various circles, and more people began to know about this project.

More and more people are beginning to hope that BIBI Phoenix will become the representative of MemeCoin in the Chinese circle, because in the entire market, MemeCoin is popularized by foreign countries, but the Chinese circle does not have its own MEME culture.

Market Performance

According to data from CoinMarketCap, as of May 25, 2023, the total market value of BIBI is $2,454,059, the 24-hour trading volume is $874,983, the latest price is $0.000000000583353, and there are more than 14,000 currency-holding addresses. The number of community volunteers exceeded 200. At the same time, it ranks first in the Bsc chain hot search list, increase list, and new coin list.

The above data is already very impressive for a project that lacks funds and professional teams.

It is worth mentioning that the slogan on BIBI's official website is also very interesting:

"$BIBI, useless MemeCoin with no taxes or expectations, purely for entertainment purposes.

$BIBI is a MemeCoin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return.

This token is completely useless and is for entertainment purposes only. "

BIBI's team stated that they hope to make BIBI the king of MEME on the BSC chain, and at the same time build the largest MEME community in the Chinese circle. Therefore, in the short term, it will not have too many plans to empower and develop other infrastructure such as NFT.

During this period, it will fully manage the community, let more people know BIBI, buy BIBI, and continue to produce BIBI-related cultural content, and promote BIBI to mainstream exchanges.


As a MemeCoin project independently operated by the community, BIBI has already achieved good results in the market. Although MemeCoin projects on major public chains have emerged one after another, the BIBI team still hopes to make it the King of the Sky for MemeCoin and build the largest MEME community in the Chinese community.

In the near future, the BIBI team will try its best to manage the community, let more people know, buy and hold BIBI, and continue to produce BIBI-related cultural content. In the future, we can expect to see BIBI rapidly spread and increase its influence in the Chinese circle, becoming a dark horse in MemeCoin.


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