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Best Low-Cap Defi Projects on Arbitrum

Zorocryptozoro· 1 min read

The likelihood of making a significant profit from low-cap defi projects is always high; thanks to @0xDegenz, you may now try your luck with these projects in the Arbitrum Ecosystem.

$BFR [email protected]_Finance

Trading platform for binary options, utility token, and governance token that earns up to 30% of the platform’s fees.

$GMD [email protected]_support

both Smart Vaults and Yield Aggregator. Smart vaults and pseudo-delta-neutral techniques developed on top of GMX. Token with governance and utility. Receives 70% of the platform’s revenue.

$RDNT [email protected]

platform for cross-chain lending. tokens for governance and utilities. Platform RDNT Lockers get payments for fees including interest, early leave penalties, and liquidations.

$XCAL — @3xcalibur69

Native DEX + Lending comes first. the Arbitrum velodrome. Use scenarios include platform fee collection and bribery, gauging voting, and acting as the de facto governance token.

$DXP [email protected]_exchange

switching to a new name and leaving Ethereum. The new coin $VELA will be traded 1/1 at launch, and the token may currently be purchased on Uniswap for Ethereum. Shared platform fees plus reduced trading fees plus governance.

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