10 Reasons to Join the Bitcoin Revolution That Have Nothing to Do With Price

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Most people come to Bitcoin lured by the promise of easy profits.

Some realize that despite volatility, bear markets, and FUD, Bitcoin shows an obvious uptrend if you hodl for long enough.

Nothing wrong with that. At the end of the day we all need to save and invest for a rainy day and very few assets can match BTC’s potential.

No one holding Bitcoin for at least 4 years has lost money. If you are prepared to DCA and wait, you will make money, and probably lots of it.

However, once you start to learn about the fundamentals of this technology, you realize there is a lot more to this than meets the eye.

Bitcoin is an innovation, a discovery, and a revolution and threatens to change the way we transact, save, invest and live. It provides us with the tool of sovereign money and takes power away from governments.

Bitcoin is a huge breakthrough in monetary technology that fixes some problems humans had for centuries but nobody was able to solve.

The ability to send money from me to you directly without the intervention of a third party, in a permissionless and censorship-resistant manner, and with instant final settlement is how money should be but never was until now.

Bitcoin is just the perfect money for the digital world. Nothing else.

Here are 10 reasons to join this revolution that has nothing to do with making a profit.

1. Sovereignty

If the money you use can be devalued, censored, or confiscated by the government, then it’s not your money and you are not sovereign.

Bitcoin is the only asset that can’t be seized by anyone unless they got hold of your private keys. There is no other way to steal or confiscate your property.

No other asset can be protected in the same way.

If you own a house, stocks, or paper gold, your account can be closed in a heartbeat and you could lose everything. Nothing you can do to avoid it.

The exception to this is perhaps physical gold if you hide it and protect it properly but this is hard to do.

Owning Bitcoin is way easier. Just by remembering 24 words your money is safe and can’t be confiscated by anyone. An asset that can’t be seized and can be transported anywhere at the speed of light is the ultimate form of property. Just for this reason, is worth owning.

2. Store of Value

Inflation forces us to invest our hard-earned cash in order to maintain purchasing value.

Not doing so is financial suicide. At the current rate of inflation, money loses half of its value in just a few years. Unless you want to go broke, you must protect your wealth now.

There are the traditional vehicles — gold, real estate, stocks, and bonds — and then there is Bitcoin.

It could be argued that Bitcoin is the scarcest, and the one with higher potential so it has a better chance to protect your estate compared to legacy investments.

Supply and demand rule the markets. While demand is clearly increasing year on year, supply is extremely limited.

The reason why fiat money loses value over time is oversupply and that’s precisely the flaw Bitcoin fixes.

Hard money pushes away soft money. Fiat is the softest money ever created while Bitcoin is the hardest. In order to store money you need a hard asset and there is nothing harder than BTC.

3. Repression

80% of the world’s population lives under authoritarian regimes or flawed democracies. The first thing totalitarian states do to maintain power is to curtail financial freedom. Bank accounts get frozen, payments get blocked and citizens are blacklisted and banned from making financial transactions.

But they can’t stop Bitcoin.

You could now send Bitcoin to anyone in the world; all they need is internet access. No dictator can stop this.

This is a lifesaver for millions that have been denied the right to financial freedom. Now they can open a wallet in their phone and start receiving and sending Bitcoin in a permissionless, censorship-resistant way.

6 billion people can potentially benefit from this feature and just for this, Bitcoin is worth rooting for.

4. Money transfer

Companies send billions around the globe on a regular basis. It takes weeks to reach a final settlement and the costs can be in the thousands.

By using Bitcoin on-chain, billions can be sent in minutes with instant final settlement and insignificant cost.

The ability to transfer huge amounts of value fast and cheaply is extremely important in this globalized world. The fiat system has failed at providing a solution. Bitcoin fixes this.

5. Remittances

1 trillion dollars get sent by immigrants to their families in the developing world every year.

Usually, the amounts are small (less than $1000) but the commissions are high (up to 30%).

This money can now be sent through the Bitcoin lightning network instantly and almost for free.

And the good thing is the recipients can choose whether they want the money in dollars, the local currency, or Bitcoin.

Companies like Western Union are about to go bust and their exploitation of the third world is coming to an end.

All that thanks to Bitcoin.

6. Corruption

Fiat money is printed by the government, they can issue as much as they want, is not backed by anything and they have total control over where to allocate it.

If you don’t see a conflict of interest here, you are blind.

There are no checks and balances, no limits, and no accountability. They just press the button and when inflation inevitably rises, they just act surprised as if they have nothing to do with it.

This money they are printing is your money, they are stealing from you. Inflation is theft. By increasing the money supply, they are diluting your purchasing power, effectively making you poorer.

And the worst thing is most of that money is printed to pay for favors. Banks, big corporations, and institutions get most of this cash (Cantillon effect) and it never trickles down to society.

Printing money unlimitedly is corruption on steroids. They don’t need to take bribes or steal the money, they just forge it!

Nothing is more corrupt than the fiat system and Bitcoin fixes this.

Under a Bitcoin standard, governments will have to manage with a limited supply, a transparent blockchain, and an immutable protocol making it almost impossible to do foul play.

Bitcoin could well be the end of institutional fraud as we know it and just for this, it’s worth pursuing.

7. Banking

Bitcoin is a bank in your pocket. With it, anyone can save, transfer, borrow, lend and do any of the transactions associated with banking.

2 billion people have no access to banking. Need I say more?

Technology usually fixes many problems by getting rid of the middleman. Travel agencies, music shops, and video rental stores were once the intermediaries until better technology came along and make them irrelevant.

Bitcoin, not only can render banks obsolete, but it can also leapfrog financial technology to all those people that never got a bank account to begging with.

Why would anyone use Citibank when they can use the blockchain?

It is cheaper, faster, and more secure. There is no contest.

8. Energy Waste

Bitcoin miners need energy and a lot of it.

Power plants produce oversupply in order to guarantee demand. This excess is usually wasted since there is no buyer of last resort.

Bitcoin miners can move to any location no matter how remote and purchase all the stranded energy and store it as economic value.

No more waste.

Besides, Bitcoin promotes the use of clean energy which is usually the cheapest around, and has also funded a number of projects that wouldn’t be feasible without the miners.

Do you want a cleaner planet?

Then buy Bitcoin.

9. Digital Gold

Gold is a great asset. It’s scarce, durable, shiny, and fungible.

However, it doesn’t work well in the digital realm.

Gold has been the hardest money around for centuries but now we are in the digital era.

Sending billions across borders is just not feasible. This is why paper gold had to be invented and it became the precursor of fiat.

The problems with paper gold are mainly rehypothecation and the need for trust in the custodian.

Typically, gold gets rehypothecated 100/1 so when you try to claim your gold, there’s nothing there because it wasn’t there to begin with.

With Bitcoin, this is not an issue. If you hodl your keys, you truly own your money and can access the blockchain to check your asset in real-time.

Instant verification, final settlement, and no rehypothecation make Bitcoin the 21st-century gold.

It’s scarce, predictable, and transparent. It can be sent at the speed of light and verified instantly.

We need gold but it has to be digital. Now we got it.

10. Neutrality

But perhaps, the biggest feature of Bitcoin as a monetary asset is neutrality.

The world has been using the dollar as a global reserve currency for the last 50 years but it’s obviously not neutral.

This is fine for the US but the rest of the world is not ok having to use a currency that is controlled by another nation.

When Germany buys oil from Saudi they pay in dollars, not in Euros. This forces countries to hold dollar reserves and US debt which finances the US on the cheap while taxing the rest of the world.

We are now seeing the BRICS nations trying to move away from the dollar standard and use something else.

The obvious choice would be Bitcoin as it’s the only neutral monetary asset. For the world to continue to trade internationally, a better means of exchange must be found and there is only one realistic candidate.

Gold is not feasible, fiat is not neutral so that leaves us with the only decentralized financial asset ever created.

For a world that is not biased towards one country, for neutrality and for transparency, there is Bitcoin.


Bitcoin is not just a great investment, it is a revolution.

It will change how we do business, how governments conduct their affairs, how charities help those in need, how corporations transfer money and how energy is produced.

Even if the price of Bitcoin remains stagnant forever it will be worth supporting this technology for all the benefits it entails.

We are witnessing one of the greatest discoveries in history develop as we speak.

It can be compared to the printing press, the internet, or the discovery of the wheel. It will touch just about every aspect of society making it more efficient, secure, and transparent.

Bitcoin is not just ‘number go up’ case, it’s a ‘let’s build a better world’ technology.

Ignore it at your own peril.

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