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Visa CEO: Good Stablecoin Regulation Is Necessary to Build Back Confidence

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In a recent interview, Alfred F. Kelly, Jr. (aka “Al Kelly”), who is Chairman and CEO of Visa Inc., said that he hopes that the collapse of FTX will lead to good crypto regulation,  "I hope one good thing that comes out of this FTX disaster for their investors and their employees, is that we see an acceleration towards regulation and leaning into good stablecoin regulation. Because I think that that is what’s necessary to build back confidence for people. And we’ll see over time..."

"We are setting up for the reality of crypto potentially having a role in payments and money movement. You know, we don’t pick winners or losers. We ultimately let the consumer and the experience decide. But we’re creating on and off-ramps for crypto players, putting Visa cards in wallets, being able to convert the stablecoin to a fiat currency, and being able to use their Visa card to shop anywhere they want to shop. We’re even working on being able to settle with a merchant at the end of the day who wants to get settled in a stablecoin versus settled in a currency."

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