The Bizarre (Sort of) Bipartisanship of the Crypto Congress

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Most of U.S politics is depressingly predictable. If Republicans come out in favor of Position X, it’s a lock that Democrats will vocally oppose it, and vice versa. With only sporadic exceptions, conventional issues like taxes, abortion, climate change, crime, health care, racial justice, gun control, and LGBT rights fall cleanly along the Left/Right axis.

And then there’s crypto.

Take the odd couple of Senators Cynthia Lummis and Kirsten Gillibrand – the Republican from Wyoming and the Democrat from New York. Lummis’ campaign website includes language like “Build the wall on our southern border” and “Stop the socialist agenda,” and she has proudly said that “I am decidedly and passionately pro-life.” Gillibrand, the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, said that the battle for pro-choice abortion rights is the “biggest fight of a generation.” And yet the conservative and the liberal saw eye-to-eye on crypto, co-sponsoring the “Responsible Financial Innovation Act” that intended to establish and clarify crypto regulations.

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