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The Auction for Azuki’s Golden Skateboard Has Ended with A Total of 1,901.06 Ethereum (about $2.5 million)

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According to Azuki's official Twitter feed, the auction for the first Golden Skateboard (Golden Skateboard) implementing PBT (Physical Backed Token) of Azuki has ended with eight PBT tokens sold for a total of 1,901.06 Ether (about $2.5 million), with the highest price of 309 ETH, after 24H+ of fierce bidding. Eight people won the Golden Skateboard auction. 

The claim window for the physical Golden Skateboards would open in November. The implementation of PBT uses the BEAN Chip, a physical cryptographic chip that self-generates an asymmetric key pair. It enables the hardware to create a new experience called “scan-to-own”. Golden Skateboard holders can scan the chip to tie the physical skateboard to their tokens.

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