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'Substantial Amount' of FTX's Assets Stolen or Missing, Says Lawyer Representing FTX Debtors

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In a live stream of FTX Trading’s bankruptcy proceedings on Nov. 22, James Bromley, a partner at law firm Sullivan & Cromwell representing debtors in FTX’s bankruptcy case in the District of Delaware, said  “Unfortunately [...] a substantial amount of assets have either been stolen or are missing. We are suffering from cyberattacks, both on the petition date and the days following, and we have, as I mentioned earlier, engaged sophisticated expertise to protect against the hacks, but they continue”.

The lawyer said that FTX had enlisted the help of several legal, cybersecurity, and blockchain analysis firms as part of the proceedings, including Chainalysis — the firm has previously provided information relevant to crypto-related enforcement cases by U.S. government agencies. 


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