Study: Extroverts 28% More Likely to Invest in Crypto Over Stocks

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A new study has delved into how an individual’s personality can influence investment decisions in assets such as cryptocurrencies and stocks. 

Particularly, extroverts who are known for an outgoing and sociable nature are more likely to invest in digital assets than equities at 28%, a research by CryptoVantage shared with Finbold on January 24 indicates.

The findings revealed that extroverts are likely to opt for Bitcoin (BTC) at 73%, followed by USDC Coin (USDC) at 50%. Additionally, extroverts are willing to put a significant share of their income in crypto at over $6,200 per year, with returns of 14%.

Interestingly, the study pointed out that the possibility of extroverts going big on crypto is also replicated in returns. In particular, despite last year’s high inflationary environment and the extended bear market the group had the highest returns at $896.98.

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